Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Nanka Japanese Steakhouse, Quezon City

Fresh seafood, steaks, and more!

When I first wrote about Nanka a year ago, I raved about a lot of their dishes, particularly the Steak Fried Rice, Shiitake Pasta, and and the Crispy Eggplant. Now, they're switching up their menu and focusing more on steaks! Don't worry if you enjoyed their previous Japanese-Latin fusion concept, because some of the dishes are still on the menu for you to enjoy!

Welcoming the new and improved Nanka with Chef Mike Santos!

To start, we ordered a plate of their Grilled Ahi Tuna (P355). It was good, lightly seasoned, so you can appreciate the flavor of the tuna itself. The same goes for the Grilled Togarashi Shrimp (P495 for 9pcs).

An early favorite were the Shimeji Fries (P215). It was surprisingly tasty, even better when dipped in mayo. One of my favorite appetizers at Nanka.

Next, we had the Oyster Hollandaise (P365). Fresh oysters, creamy hollandaise sauce, two thumbs up for this.

Deep Fried Oysters are also on the menu at P375 for 8 pieces. If you prefer to try an assortment, go for the Oyster Platter which includes 3 pieces each of their Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Hollandaise, and Deep Fried Oysters - all this for P475. 

Good food doesn't have to be complicated. That's really what Nanka is all about. These Prawn Garlic Noodles (P375) are a great example of that. Thin pasta tossed in oil and a lot of garlic. I also highly recommend their Shiitake Pasta. It remains to be my all-time favorite here and no visit is complete without ordering it.
Below we have their Tuna and Salmon Chirashi which is part of their Executive Lunch Bowls only available from Mondays thru Fridays 11am to 2pm. Lunch bowls start at P199 but this particular one is priced at P299. Still sulit in my opinion. I'd order this again. 

Finally onto our last seafood dish - the Garlic Crabs! When it comes to crabs, you don't really need to do so much. Just cook them in garlic and they're good to go! Couldn't help but use my hands for these! I mean, is there really any other way to eat them? Kamayan na!

Now for the main event.. the steaks! 

Prices for the steaks are as follows:
Japanese Wagyu Beef A4/A5 - P665/100g
WX Striploin - P600/100g
WX Ribeye - P650/100g
Black Onyx T-Bone P520/100g
Black Onyx Tomahawk - P495/100g
Black Onyx Bone-In Ribeye - P500/100g

My favorite is the WX Ribeye. If you're wondering what WX means, it's a cross breed between Black Angus and wagyu, so you get the wagyu bite with the chew of angus. 

If you want your steak lean and with a beefier flavor, go for the WX Striploin. It still has good marbling, especially it being WX, but compared to the ribeye, this one's less tender.

Last but not the least is the Black Onyx Tomahawk. Everyone wanted to take a photo holding the bone, but I wanted to focus more on the meat. I mean, look at that. 
Each steak came with sauces - I personally loved the chimichurri sauce. I even asked for extra! :P

For dessert, we were presented with two options, the Japanese Green Tea Mousse (P215) and the Chocolate Ganache Mountee (P245).
I thought I was going to love the Chocolate Ganache more, but to my surprise, I ended up finishing the Green Tea Mousse instead. I don't normally love green tea desserts, but this one was really soft and fluffy and the flavor was really refreshing, and served as a great palate cleanser. 

I always recommend Nanka to people looking to try new restaurants in Quezon City. Recently, they've expanded into event and catering service, so if you're looking to celebrate a special occasion, do hit them up! Their buffet packages start at P825/head. 
Nanka Japanese Steakhouse is located at:
1810 Mother Ignacia Avenue cor. Roces Avenue, Quezon City
For reservations, please call (02) 8-517-9677 or (0977) 621-8472.
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