Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Finds

It's bazaar season once again. My boyfriend and I have been going to different bazaars every weekend of November so far. Aside from the usual accessories, clothes and bags, people also sell lots of other interesting stuff; I was surprised yesterday to see a booth selling second-hand books!
Bazaar Books
Here are my most recent finds - Chinese Cinderella for P20 ($0.50) and The Time Traveler's Wife for P100 ($2.50)!:D I can finally update my Goodreads account with two more books :)

Ahhhhh, I just love bazaars. Don't you? :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Farms and Threes

This week was a challenging week in my world of farm animals and three year-olds.
My Juniors went on a trip to the zoo yesterday!♥
After our trip to Ark Avilon yesterday, our class continued talking about animals - particularly ones you can see in a farm. We reviewed the animals, properly putting an X or a check mark, depending if we saw them in the zoo. As we went through them one by one, I used our farm stamps and labeled each animal below. We started with pig, then sheep, and so on until we reached goat. That's when I realized I had a problem since I apparently didn't have a goat stamp. So I had to improvise. Today, I actually learned how to draw a goat! It's not an amazing drawing, but boy, am I proud of this! (Yes, I have really under-developed terrible drawing skills. Haha!)
So today, I drew a goat in class. :))
In the end, we were able to finish our lessons (and play, too!). The kids were happy; I was happy. So it was pretty much a good day. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you, Lord! :)

P.S. If you're planning to take your kids or class to a zoo, Ark Avilon is the place for you! It's near Tiendesitas in C5 and is very child-friendly. You can take photos with birds, an albino snake and an orangutan, see animals both wild and friendly, and even feed them!;) Entrance fee is P300 for adults and P200 for children :-)