Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Nanka: A Japanese Latin Restaurant

Worth visiting over and over and over again.

Just recently, some blogger friends and I were invited by Nanka to try out their bestsellers. I admit, it wasn't my first time dining at the restaurant. I've visited it once with my family and another time with Tim - both times of which I really enjoyed.
So when their invite came around, I didn't hesitate to say yes. Nanka, for those who don't know, is derived from a Japanese word that means "something new." They're located at 1810 Mother Ignacia Corner Roces Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City - where Moomba Cafe Grill used to be. So yes, if you thought the place looked familiar, it's because it used to be Moomba.

Now, it's Nanka, a restaurant that brings together two very different cuisines - Japanese and Latin. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but after visiting them, I've learned that they serve dishes like Sashimi Peruano, Japanese Corn Elote, Crispy Eggplant with Creamy Kani Salad, and Roasted Kobocha Soup (which I absolutely love!)
Not all dishes here combine the two cuisines. There are also a number that are mainly Japanese and mainly Peruvian. Anyway, enough introductions, let's get into the food.

First up, we have the Tofu (P245). It's basically crispy tofu with teriyaki sauce and grated ginger scallions and garlic chips. It's a simple dish that combines different textures and flavors and I really liked this one.
Next is the Crispy Eggplant (P250) - one of my family's favorites here at Nanka. The eggplant alone is okay, but once you eat it with their creamy kani salad, it transforms into something amazing. A must try ;)
The Japanese Corn Elote (P240) is another dish I guarantee you'll enjoy (more so if you like cheese). This one is served on the cob, but you can request them to shred it for you once you're done taking photos. Hehe. Sweet Japanese corn coated in chili mayonnaise cheese and cilantro. Don't forget to squeeze the lime!
I was actually surprised to find french fries on their menu since it doesn't fall in either cuisines, but the Nanka French Fries (P240) is a plate full of crinkle cut French Fries smothered with okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, and topped with bonito flakes, so I guess that makes it a Japanese dish? Japanese-American, maybe? This one's a good dish to order if you're looking for something to share with a group.
Aside from these, Nanka also serves cold appetizers (mostly Japanese ones) like sashimi and maki rolls on the menu. Normally I'd pick salmon over tuna but their Tuna Sashimi with soy, sesame, lemon, scallions, and onion salad was a treat I couldn't resist.
Salmon Sashimi (P345) | Tuna Sashimi (P340)

With the Sashimi Peruano (P290), you really feel the Japanese and Peruvian influences. It tasted a lot like ceviche (since it's marinated in lime, lemon, and olive oil), but instead of using fish chunks, this features slices of white fish and finished off with roasted corn and pumpkin.

Inari options include Salmon, Shrimp, and Tuna. I would suggest going for the Mixed Inari which comes with one of each.

I've always liked Nanka's appetizers, so it was normal to expect even more from their mains, and I'm so glad they didn't disappoint. In fact, in the numerous times I've been there, they never have.

Shitake Pasta with Parmesan (P295)

It was my first time to try this and it's so, so, so good!! Not really sure why they call it Shitake Pasta though since it's made with three kinds of mushrooms (shitaki, shimeji, and king oyster). I also like that they used a thin, but flat type of pasta here. I don't know what role that plays, but I just thought I'd mention it. Pasta dishes with mushrooms usually end up with white sauce (carbonara, truffle, etc), but this one has garlic, butter, and soy sauce, so it's not something you can easily find in other places, I think.

Steak Fried Rice - one of my absolute favorites at Nanka. For Php 435, you get a huge bowl of fried rice with select sliced tenderloin steak, fried egg, and freshly picked vegetables.

But if chicken's more your style, you should go for the Pollo ala Brasa (P395). Just look at how beautifully golden brown the chicken is here. It's served with French fries on the side and cilantro mayonnaise.
One just can't have too much beef. Their smokey grilled Tenderloin (P465) with miso jalapeño sauce and grilled vegetables is another dish you shouldn't miss.

The Braised Beef (P355) was also a hit - miso braised beef with mixed mushrooms and seasonal vegetables.

But the real star of the show was the Angus Prime Rib Eye (P1700). It was pretty much the main event, especially for the guys - 450 grams of Nanka's most tender cut served with truffle teriyaki sauce and grilled baby vegetables. What a beaut!

They didn't leave us hanging with dessert either!

Dulce Delight | Chocolate Fudge

But everyone's ultimate favorite was their Miso Custard (P225). It's nothing any of us has ever tried before - creamy white chocolate custard with white miso and butter cookie. Grabe. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Will definitely see you again, Nanka!! I'm so glad you're in Quezon City! <3

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