Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Busy Weekend

Classes were suspended today due to the heavy rains we experienced last night. Even though I work at a school, I'm still supposed to come in to work even if the kids aren't. Today, I decided not to, since I figured I'd get more work done at home with my laptop + internet connection. But I was wrong. The entire day, our internet connection was really crummy, not to mention the fact that I'm reading a new book, Fifty Shades of Grey. A friend of mine sent me the ebook which I started reading last night. I'm halfway through it now and I'm curious to see what happens next. Ugh. So much for getting some work done. Lol.
Fifty Shades of Grey
This weekend was a real busy one, but in a good way. I was able to spend Saturday afternoon shopping and catching up with an old friend. Then I had dinner with my boyfriend and one of his friends who, by the way, is a pretty good artist. Here's his quick cartoon drawing of us at Cookbook Kitchen, Eastwood. Their placemats make good sketch pads, and the food was yummy, too. Hehe. :) Thanks again, Uno! We promise to hang this on one of our walls in our future home. *kilig*
Bettina + Mic
Then yesterday, I went to Spa101 with Michelle, Mike's sister. Just some much needed R&R + girl bonding :-) Foot spa, scrub, massage & a mani/pedicure for the both of us. Yay! The staff were really nice as well. I'll probably visit them again soon since I highly doubt my nails are going to last long thanks to the kids at school. Goodbye, pretty pink nails (sorry, I forgot to take a picture).

Today was supposed to be my catch-up day, my stay-at-home-so-I-can-work day. But when I woke up, my parents and siblings were at home! Everyone ended up taking the day off. So after lunch, we decided to go shopping and have dinner out. Lol. It's 10:20pm now and I'm hurrying to finish this post so I can finally start working. I'll share what I bought next time!

For now, please pray I get some work done tonight. xo :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recent Buys: Apple Accessories

Being a lover of all things polka-dotted, imagine my excitement when I got home tonight and saw my package from Digitalism Philippines waiting for me in my room! And to think I only paid for this yesterday! That's what I call great service! :) They sell different cases for the iPhone, iPod Touch & more! The case I bought is for my iPod Touch (as you can probably tell from the photo below). I actually really like the blue & white polkadots case, but I decided on the red & white one because I already have too many blue & white polka-dotted items - pouches, bags, tops, hair accessories (yes, I have more than one of each kind. lol). Plus, it matches the watch and bracelet I always wear to work :-)
Red and White and Polkadots
I also bought the prettiest keyboard cover for my Macbook (also from Digitalism Philippines)
Yummy Yellow 2
Yummy yummy yellow ❤

Thank you so much, Digitalism Philippines!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boracay in Ten Photos

I was in Boracay with a couple of friends last July 13-15. I'm very thankful that I was able to spend yet another weekend relaxing. Looking forward to more of these awesome weekends! :P For now, here are some Instagram photos I took on the island.
White Beach

Friday, July 13, 2012

Chasing Deadlines

Another bad week at work. So much stress and so many requirements that needs to be completed. To add to that, I'm sick! I have a terrible cough and cold ++ I lost my voice (and therefore, unable to teach.) It's really sad. Been spending yesterday afternoon and today working on everything that I need to finish before my beach weekend. I hope all this goes away tonight so I'll be able to enjoy the beach tomorrow.

P.S. I have the best boyfriend ever! He visited me at home last night and gave me the prettiest necklace from Forever21. You made my week.
Shiny Heart
Well, what can I say, I'm a lucky girl. ❤

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Great Escape

Having trips away are no longer like they used to. Nowadays, even if you're on vacation, you're still not completely away from work. Even if you're some place else, you still think about what you left behind.

I want to be in a place where I can think without anything or anyone bothering me.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Before and After

I remember a couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I had our hair trimmed on the same day.

Here's what we looked like before and after.

My hair hasn't grown to the same length as the first picture, but I feel like making a change again. What do you think? Perm? Hair color? Bangs? Lol.