Friday, April 12, 2019

Mango Cream Pie by Cara Mia

A sweet summer treat just landed on my doorstep! 

Cara Mia has always been one of the best places to get cakes - whether to give as gift or to consume at home. Their Banana Blast gelato cake was the first ever thing I tried from them and since then, I've been slowly going through their all selections - some of my favorites are the Classic Ube Cake, their Strawberry Shortcake, and now, their Mango Cream Pie (P.S. I love their Lemon Squares too!) 
Mango season is something I always look forward to because I love, love mangoes, especially the really ripe ones and I'm so glad that Cara Mia created their own version of the Mango Cream Pie! 
It’s a cream based pie topped with an exquisite display of glazed ripe mangoes, nestled in a delightful shortbread piecrust. How beautiful is that?? 
IT'S SO GOOD!! The mangoes they used are sweet and would you believe, even the piecrust is yummy!! Usually I would just take out the piecrust, but this one, I would totally eat :)
The seasonal Mango Cream Pie is available at all Cara Mia stores for Php 985 (or Php 150/slice). You may also order this online through or through their cake delivery hotline at (02) 822-1111.
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