Sunday, February 9, 2014

'Tis the Season to Give Flowers

Hey everyone! Valentines - probably one of the most important occasions in every couple's life - is just around the corner! With only five days left until the big day, there's a lot of pressure on the guys, especially when it comes to getting the perfect floral arrangement for their special someone. What kind of flowers should I get her? How many dozens should I buy? What colors should I get them in?

Those are just some questions that guys ask themselves this season. So, whether you're looking for something traditional or unique this Valentines, visit Elvy's Floral Design on Facebook! :)
Elvy's Floral Design
Just look at the beautiful hand-tied rainbow bouquet Mike gave me yesterday for our anniversary! <3

We even had a photoshoot with the prettiest set of flowers I've ever received! Haha!
Elvy's Floral DesignElvy's Floral DesignElvy's Floral DesignElvy's Floral DesignElvy's Floral Design
Aside from this beautiful hand-tied rainbow bouquet, Elvy's Floral Design also has regular bouquets - choose from roses, daisy, tulips, and their bestseller - the Ferrero bouquet. Check out their special price list for Valentines here. :)

Thank you to Shane of Elvy's Floral Design for making this happen!
Great photos from my great boyfriend, edited by me.