Saturday, October 2, 2021

Shop for Groceries Online with AllDay Supermarket

Experience stress-free grocery shopping from home thanks to AllDay Supermarket!

Just last month, some members of our household got infected by Covid-19. Because of this, we all had to quarantine ourselves, just to be sure that it doesn't spread any more than it has. This made it very difficult for us to acquire supplies, since of course, no one was allowed to go out. Thankfully, I discovered - AllDay Supermarket's online grocery which offers same day delivery! 

Since Hope is now eating solids, it's important that we always have fresh fruits and vegetables in our kitchen. I was actually really happy with AllDay's selection - I was able to order things that Hope hadn't tried yet, like zucchini, kiwi, and orange sweet potato.

Their website is very easy to navigate. Products are broken down into categories so you don't have a hard time looking for what you need. Checking out was a breeze as well. Payment methods include cash on delivery, credit/debit card, or Dragonpay (online banking, over the counter, or Gcash). From my experience, they send out three email updates: once your order is queued for processing, once it's almost ready for delivery, and finally, once it's on its way. 

In case there are items from your order that aren't available at your assigned branch, a store representative will actually call you to let you know and suggest replacements. I personally chose Cash on Delivery so they were able to adjust my totals accordingly. I sent in my order at 3:30pm, and received it before 10pm the same day. Note: Cut off for same day deliveries is 7pm depending on location. As per their email: "Please be reminded that AllDay is applying a Same Day Delivery policy for orders placed before 7:00 pm. For orders made past 7:00 pm, they will be tagged as Next Day Deliveries. However, for Las Pinas, Paranaque, or Quezon City areas, delivery is 24 hours. A store representative will contact you for more details."

Overall, the experience was smooth and so easy, even a lola can do it! It also made acquiring groceries very, very convenient, especially for a busy mom like myself. 10/10 would recommend!

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