Monday, August 17, 2020

We're Having a Baby!

So happy to be sharing this news with you all!

For years now, I've been using the app called My Calendar to track my menstrual cycle and for the first time ever, it didn't sync up. I was supposed to get my period last May 26. When I didn't, I figured I'd give it a day or two allowance. By June 1st, I finally told Tim. He got all excited, but I reminded him not to get his hopes up, at least until we see a doctor.
June 3rd was errands day. He wanted me to stay in Bulacan, but I haven't gone out in weeks and wanted to see what food we could bring back with us (aside from my Le Petite Chef order HEHE). I thought about getting soy milk and taho, but the line at Banawe Soybean Curd was long and we were already running late, so next time nalang. Thankfully, my friend Iris sent me home with two pans of sushi bake. Super yummy!! :) Oh, and we decided to get a couple of pregnancy tests too, just to be sure.

On the morning of June 4th, I took the test. Two lines appeared almost immediately. I couldn't believe it. Brought out the second test, and the same happened. Nakakaiyak pala talaga huhu :( I thought about how I was going to tell Tim. I thought about waiting until Father's Day, but that's three weeks away (and I HAD to tell someone), so by lunch, he already knew. We even took another test and the same two lines came out. I should've taken a video of his reaction haha!
June 5, Friday - Told my dad, my mom, and sister through video call. We were meeting them on Sunday but I couldn't wait. We also told Tim's family the night before. But still trying to keep it on the down low, until we get through the first trimester. :)

On June 13, Saturday, we finally went to the OB. It was all about the pregnancy test up until that morning; we still needed to hear the confirmation from the doctor. And you know what, she gave us more than just "congratulations". Today, we actually got to see what was growing inside my tummy, too. Totoo na!!

My doctor told me to lay off sweets, carbs, coffee, and other things. She also sent me home with a list of vitamins to take and maternal milk to drink. I'm supposed to get a blood test and urinalysis in the next few days. If all goes well, I'll see the doctor again in a month. I'll be ten weeks then! TEN WEEKS!!
July 1, 2020 - We finally had our tests done today (even squeezed in a haircut in between haha). Baby is officially two months old now, I'm so excited!! Last night, I thought about downloading some sort of pregnancy app - the first one that came up was The Asian Parent, so I created an account and logged in the estimated due date of my baby (which is February 5, 2021). And this is what came up:
To tell you the truth, I got teary-eyed. Grabe. My baby's the size of a Bengal currant!! The app is so informative - would you believe it has notes for every single day of your pregnancy? It also has a list of things to eat and not eat, broken down into categories. Everything is so organized. And there's a forum too so you can ask fellow moms-to-be / mommies questions should you need help with anything!

July 11, Saturday, was our second visit to the OB. The ultrasound was really a joy to see because the baby now has form. You can see the head and the shape of the nose and the body and the hands. We're really thankful that the baby seems healthy. We're seeing the doctor again in a month. By that time, I'll be done with the first trimester! Grabe, ang bilis! I'm lucky to not have experienced any morning sickness.
Well, I became sensitive to certain smells, especially dishes with a lot of sauce (so mostly Filipino food). So sometimes I wouldn't eat what they'd prepare, I'd heat up something else instead. There have been days where I'd crave for certain things.. like pasta, but not just any pasta, it had to have a lot of tomato sauce (not the sweet kind) and cheese. Been wanting to eat tomato soup as well, which Tim promised to make for me, but wala pa din. *eyeroll*

I feel like I haven't been eating much vegetables, so I've been looking for salads to order but it's really difficult since I'm not familiar with what restaurants are available here in the province. Been stocking up on other types of food though - mantou, siopao, siomai, sourdough bread - things that I can easily reheat and eat whenever.

Aside from those, I guess I've been really emotional lately. I've been crying about the smallest things, like not being able to eat what I'm craving. HAHA. Ang helpless ng feeling minsan. And this pandemic isn't helping. Normally, I'd just go out and buy, or walk around the mall to pass the time. I don't know. Anyway. I swear, I'm hungry 24/7 now. So I've been eating a lot. I eat 5-6 meals a day. And the weird thing is, I've been losing weight pa. I probably need to eat better for the baby.
Hello from 8 weeks me!

If you're wondering who did the illustration on this post's cover photo, well, last July 13, I reached out to @polenggenisa on Instagram if she could do one for our baby announcement. She also designed the profile picture I'm using on my Instagram and Facebook page so I knew she was going to do a great job on this as well.
She used our photo from Taal Vista as her guide, but changed up some details. Like taking out We Bare Bears and adding my favorite cartoon character instead (she also sent us a version without Stitch). She even suggested we insert the actual ultrasound, which was a fantastic idea!! I mean, just look how it turned out! I'm definitely having this printed and framed ASAP! Her inbox is open for commissions, just send her a DM. She's a pleasure to work with :) 

August 1, 2020 - My app says I'm officially on my second trimester!! ANG BILIS!!
Praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery come early next year!! So excited for what's to come :)
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