Friday, June 12, 2020

Someday in Scarborough

Still thinking about where to go once the pandemic is over? Consider Scarborough :)

Due to the pandemic, traveling has become more difficult. It is important to plan ahead and do proper research for each place you plan to visit. I personally don't see myself boarding a plane anytime soon (mostly due to personal reasons) but a lot of people I know have already started booking flights for as early as October.

More and more people are choosing to spend their holidays in the UK. One trend that we are noticing, though, is that people are looking to spread their wings a bit further afield and not merely take their vacations in London. When people travel to the UK, it seems natural to go to the capital city, but there is so much more for you to enjoy. 

Everyone is relishing in the beauty that Britain has got to offer. And one place that is particularly popular is Scarborough. Scarborough has long been a well-loved place and it has received a revitalisation in terms of popularity as of late. There are lots of beautiful holiday homes in Scarborough and these can truly provide you with the perfect vacation. You do not need to spend your entire vacation here. However, if you are visiting the UK, it would certainly be a good idea to add this to your itinerary for at least a few nights. 

Below, I am going to explore Scarborough in further detail, looking at some of the reasons why it is a good place to visit in the summer months.

Reasons to stay in holiday homes in Scarborough during the summer
Scarborough has so much to offer and this article aims to enlighten you to everything you can see and do whilst in the area. There is only one place to begin and this is with the Scarborough Castle. These 11th-century ruins are a sight to behold; they are truly fascinating. The Castle was actually bombarded during the First World War by German warships. History and beauty; what more could you want? 

If that wasn’t good enough Scarborough’s two beaches are actually spilt by a bit of history too. This is the Marine Drive and it is a simply stunning and intriguing Victorian Promenade. To say this is a sight to behold is an understatement to say the very least. Who thought you would need your sunglasses while visiting the UK? If you’ve not got a trusted pair, check out places like and you will be able to get your perfect pair of sunnies for your trip.
It wouldn’t be right to mention the beaches without elaborating further. Let’s begin with the more popular of the two; South Bay. This beach attracts a wealth of tourists year by year. It plays home to an old town and a harbour as well. It is filled to the brim with character, beauty, and fun. It is another part of Scarborough that is steeped in history; after all, it used to be a medieval settlement. Now it is filled to the brim with an array of beautiful cafes, amusement arcades, fun theatres, and other exciting entertainment options. And that is without mentioning the golden sandy bay itself! What better place to enjoy a day out with your family and friends? 

In fact, towards the back of the bay, you will find the Spa and South Cliff Gardens. People come from far and wide to visit this attraction. The views you will witness are outstanding. Take a trip here and fill your scrapbook with some fantastic images that you can reminisce over for a lifetime. 

Another place that is well worth a visit when staying in one of the holiday homes in Scarborough is the North Bay as well. This is quieter than the other beach. Nevertheless, a lot of people prefer this because it provides them with peace and tranquility. Why do you think the North Bay was won awards? 
P.S. The beaches here in the Philippines are quite awesome too. ;)

At the end of North Bay, you will find Peasholm Park. This is a municipal park that is oriental themed. It boasts a selection of unique and rare trees and is thus the ideal place for those who are a lover of nature. The Japanese themed gardens are unique and the lake is serene and simply beautiful. A trip to Scarborough is definitely not complete without a visit to Peasholm Park.

And before this article reaches its conclusion it is imperative to mention Scarborough’s town itself. The centre is filled with a delightful ambience, an array of gorgeous shops, lots of lovely food places, and there is even a great nightlife in Scarborough too which is something quite a lot of people do not expect.

So there you have it; if you are looking for somewhere fantastic to visit in 2020 or 2021, look no further than staying in one of the brilliant holiday homes in Scarborough. You won’t regret it!
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