Thursday, January 22, 2015

Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

Princess Hazel Spa
Very welcoming staff, beautiful mani-pedi area, average everything else (bonus: rude owner!)

I first read about Princess Hazel Salon and Spa from other blogs and they all said positive things about the place. So, when I saw that a deal site was offering a whole body massage, body scrub, and back paraffin for 21% of its original value (P399), I decided to try it out.

Here's where the rude owner part comes in.
On November 5, I texted them to schedule for the 22nd. They replied and confirmed. Great!
On November 7, I requested said schedule to be moved on the 29th. They replied and confirmed. Great!
On November 10, I again requested to reschedule for December 6 (I made sure to apologize for the inconvenience I've caused), but the reply I got made me want to cancel altogether.

I understand that all these scheduling and rescheduling can be a pain, but I don't think it was right for them to tell me that I could no longer move my appointment because I just had it moved the other day. I'm certain the voucher doesn't prohibit anybody from rescheduling naman, right? Also, it's not like I was cancelling an appointment scheduled on the same day; I actually moved it to a later date and made sure to inform them right away, so they could open the slot for other clients. I know I'm still to blame for overlooking my schedule, but you know what they say, the customer is always right! Haha! Anyway, long story short, they still gave me the slot I wanted (turns out, the day was wide open). But since then, I vowed to write a terrible review of this terrible, terrible salon. Haha just kidding!
Princess Hazel SpaPrincess Hazel Spa
Thanks to their super accommodating staff, I was able to enjoy the services I availed.

Princess Hazel Salon and Spa has two floors. All nail and hair services happens on the first floor, while everything else (body scrub, massage, waxing) is on the second floor.
Princess Hazel Spa
I really liked staying on the first floor since there's a real feel of royalty, unlike on the second floor which is primarily dark.

We started with the body scrub, which happens in the same room where they do all the waxing services. What they did was to cover the bed with a black plastic bag (much like a garbage bag, though I'm not sure if it's the same thing) then rid the body of dead skin cells by scrubbing it. The nice receptionist also threw in a free hair spa for me to enjoy. After about an hour of letting everything set in, I showered to wash it all off. My skin and my hair felt super soft after. Normally, a body scrub costs more than P500, so just after that service, I already knew I got more than I paid for.
Princess Hazel Spa
I know my photos aren't related to what I'm blabbering about, but I couldn't take photos during said services, being that I was naked and all. Haha.

Anyway - after showering, I headed to a different room for the back paraffin, where they dripped hot wax all over my back to soothe my sore muscles and take out the lamig. To be honest, I really didn't like this service because the wax really burns! There are only certain areas where I was able to tolerate it, but for the most part, I was cringing in pain.
Princess Hazel Spa
The last service, the massage, really helped though. It was nothing short of amazing and I'd totally come back for it (if it wasn't so expensive).

Well, at least I think it's expensive.
Princess Hazel Spa
If you want to give it a go, here's their address:
Unit 203 Pacific Century Tower, Quezon Avenue, QC

Let me know how it goes! :)