Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cinese Foot Spa, San Juan

Cinese Foot Spa 
One of our favorite spas ever - Cinese Foot Spa! (Hi, kuya guard!)

First got introduced to this place thanks to my mom's best friend. Since then, whenever we're in the area, we try drop by Cinese (see-nees) for their amazing one hour and 20 minute massages.
Cinese Foot Spa
I wasn't able to bring my camera so I just borrowed my mom's iphone 6. Photos ended up okay considering the room we were in was dark :)

 Here's a look at their lobby.
Cinese Foot SpaCinese Foot SpaCinese Foot Spa
We were there at 2pm on a weekday, and yet they already had a lot of clients. At Cinese, what they do is to first dip your feet in hot (not warm!!) water. You might find it impossible to dip your feet at first, but it's actually pretty relaxing once you get used to the high temperature (especially since they massage your head and temples at the same time).
Cinese Foot Spa
Even though it's called Cinese Foot Spa, they don't just focus on your feet, but instead, they massage the whole body!
Cinese Foot SpaCinese Foot Spa
Cinese has two floors that can fit a total of 50 people. Rooms are usually shared, but you can request to have a private room as well for no additional cost (just call for an appointment).
Cinese Foot Spa
What's great here is that the environment is super laid back - the lighting just makes you want to sleep, the music's not too loud, and they even have televisions in the rooms in case the clients want to watch something.
Cinese Foot SpaCinese Foot Spa
Plus, free bottled water! Yay! :P
Cinese Foot SpaCinese Foot Spa
Check out the rates :) We've only tried the massages from local therapists, and so far so good. I would still love to try the chinese and master therapists' massages next time though.
Cinese Foot Spa
The local therapist massages are normally P500 per person, but if you get 6 coupons, you get them at P450 each nalang! :)

Cinese Foot Spa is located at 17 M. Paterno Street, San Juan City.
Contact details: (02) 723-9559 / (02) 727-2322

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday 1:00PM to 11:30PM
 Saturday to Sunday 11:00AM to 11:30PM