Sunday, October 13, 2013

One of the Boys

Last Sunday, I had lunch with the guys after their football game in UP.Banapple
Being that I was the only girl in the group, they let me decide on where we should eat. Aww, sweet niyo, guys! *tears*

I picked Banapple because I can't remember the last time I had their Lasagna Roll-Ups. I missed it so muchhhh.

Lasagna Roll-Ups
Herbed cream and Parmesan cheeses fill al dente lasagna wide strips, are rolled up, and smothered with their classic tomato meat sauce and mozzarella cheese
Took lots of pictures because it's my absolute fave!! <3
Crisp Pork Scallopini with Sour Cream Barbecue Sauce for Mike
Crusted pork cutlets fried till golden, and smothered with a savory sour cream and barbecue sauce, served with corn relish
Glazed Pork Tocino with Creamed Parsley Eggs for Dos
Lean and succulent glazed meat, served with their special creamy eggs
Garlic Beef Tapa with Creamed Parsley Eggs for Kmart
Tender beef tapa, fried in garlic pieces and melted butter, paired with their special creamy eggsBanapple
Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs for Uno
Extra tender country ribs grilled in hickory smoke, glazed with their homemade hickory barbecue sauce, served with corn relish
Fettuccine Jacintha for Max
A delightful take on the classic carbonara, made even richer with special herbs
Finally, we shared a slice of their Banoffee Pie, care of Uno.Banapple
P.S. Thanks to Kmart and Max for taking photos of the tapa, ribs and pasta for me. :p

It's always fun hanging out with these guys!:) See you all next week!Banapple