Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Leap of Faith

At The Edge
When was the last time you did something for the first time?
(Taken at Buho Rock in Camotes Island, Cebu)

First thing first - no, I did not jump off this cliff. One, because I didn't have any spare clothes with me at the time. And two, I can't swim.. anymore. (Long story. Don't ask.)

My week started off really bad and it seems like everything that could go wrong actually went wrong. My kids haven't been behaving well and to be honest, I haven't been this disappointed in myself in a long time. It's just... depressing. :(

Today, something happened that turned my whole week around. It reminded me why I'm doing what I'm doing now and why I love it so much. I actually fell on my butt this morning and it's the happiest I've been all week! Is that weird? Well, let me explain.. The reason I fell is because my kids ran to hug and kiss me after we sang the "I Love You" song from Barney. Are you familiar with Barney the Purple Dinosaur? I used to hate him, but now I realized how big of a blessing he is to us teachers. No, honest! It's really the best song to sing if you want kids to hold hands, hug and blow kisses to each other :-)

(Thank you to the creators of Barney and Friends! Please make more songs! =P)

And with that said, I am looking forward to spending more weeks (good or bad) with all my 28 students. I will do my best to plan many fun activities for us to enjoy together :-)

I can't wait!!
On the Top
Mangodlong Rock Beach (Still in Camotes Island, Cebu)