Sunday, December 23, 2018

Unli KBBQ at Jin Joo Korean Grill

One of my faves!

A few months ago, I wrote about my first time at Jin Joo Korean Grill. It was at Eastwood Citywalk, their newest branch at the time. Since then, Jin Joo has opened in more locations, one of which is the new Podium Mall.

Can I just say.. this new branch is HUGE!! I think it's more than twice as big as their Eastwood branch! No kidding!

My friends and I got to visit it one time and was surprised to find out they have a new amazing promo. You probably know it already based on the title of this post, but I'll say it anyway -- Jin Joo Korean Grill is now offering UNLI KBBQ at their Eastwood and Podium branches! 
The promo includes 10 flavors of assorted meats (pork, chicken, and beef) for only Php 499+ for lunch and Php 549+ for dinner. Aside from that, you also get unlimited banchan (side dishes), kimbap, free 1.5L of coke for (groups of four), and free cheese dip! Not bad, right? The only downside is that you're only given two hours to eat your heart out, but to be honest, I think that's more than enough time.

As always with Korean grills, we start off with the side dishes! My favorite? The kimchi!

I know some people hate it, but I personally love kimchi! I enjoy eating it on its own and together with the meats as well. Most of the time, I don't even bother with the gochujang (red chili paste you dip the meats in) because I prefer the spiciness and texture of the kimchi more.

For Jin Joo Korean Grill's unlimited promo, the choices of meats are as follows:
Samgyupsal (unmarinated pork belly) | Dan Samgyup (sweet glazed pork belly)
Gochujang Samgyup (spicy marinated pork) | Yalb Eun Samgyup (thinly sliced pork)
Cajun Samgyupsal (pork with dry rub seasoning) | Dwaeji Ggupdaegi (pork skin)
Woo Samgyup (beef belly) | Dan Woo Samygup (sweet glazed beef belly)
Cajun Woo Samgyup (beef belly with dry rub seasoning) | Dak Galbi (sweet marinated chicken thigh)

Again, this promo is only available at their Eastwood and Podium branches! Let's eat!!!
P.S. if you're looking to take Instagram-worthy shots of your food, I'd suggest sitting by the windows since natural light is always best. Plus you get a view of cars and people passing by as you enjoy your samgyupsal. ;)

Unfortunately, I was only able to take photos of a few of the meats because my friends and I got really busy with all the food we had to consume! Haha! I'm telling you, this is one unli KBBQ that you have to try! You definitely get more bang for your buck here!
But if you're in a rush and unable to maximize the two hours you're allowed to enjoy the unlimited Korean BBQ, then I suggest going for their numerous a la carte options instead.  

My first recommendation: Haemul-Pajeon (P380). Assorted seafood and spring onion pancakes with special dipping sauce.

Jin Joo's Cheese Deung Galbi (P950) is one of their bestsellers - let me tell you why. 
Here, you start by melting some cheddar and mozzarella and wrap it around fall-off-the-bone BBQ baby back ribs. After which, you use the leftover cheese and combine it with corn, steamed egg, rice, and kimchi to create delicious fried rice. It's a crazy cheese party you'll surely love!

I think out of all the items on their menu, this one is the most eye-catching because of all that cheese!!

Here's another cheese filled dish I really enjoyed - the Raboki (P280). To be honest, I ignored this at first because I wanted to focus on the meats, but this combination of Korean rice cake, ramen, spicy sauce, fried fish cake, soft boiled eggs, and cheese is too delicious to resist!  
If you want a taste of everything, go for Jin Joo's 8 Flavours (P1560). It's a sampler of their different flavoured meats - herb, honey garlic, smoky BBQ, peanut, curry, miso, sweet wine, and red pepper. My favorites? The curry and honey garlic!!
Here's a closer look. 
And an even closer one.
Grabe, I'm telling you, you can't go wrong with this one!! 
Visit Jin Joo Korean Grill on the second floor of The Podium today! :)

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