Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Jin Joo Korean Grill, Eastwood

A delicious feast await you at Jin Joo Korean Grill! 

Samgyeopsal is all the rage right now! Korean restaurants have been popping up here and there, offering eat-all-you-can meats (pork and/or beef) with unlimited side dishes. And as much as I love myself a great deal, the meats they offer aren't always of the best quality. Places like those are, more often than not, all about the quantity rather than quality. And it's completely fine if you prefer that. No judgement here.
But personally, I prefer quality, and for that, I turn to places like Jin Joo Korean Grill.

Jin Joo offers authentic casual Korean food with a hipper, more modern twist to it. They recently opened its doors at Eastwood Citywalk, which I'm super happy about since their other branch, located at SM Aura, is pretty far from where I live.

We had a pretty amazing feast at Jin Joo that afternoon. Check this out:

They have a wide range of items to choose from, so there's really something for everyone. First on the table is the banchan - small side dishes like kimchi and baby potatoes (my two favorites).

Next, we were presented with their bestseller: Jin Joo's 8 Flavours (P1,560). It's a sampler of their different flavoured meats - herb, honey garlic, smoky BBQ, peanut, curry, miso, sweet wine, and red pepper. So if you're looking to try a bit of everything, I suggest ordering this.

It was difficult to distinguish which was which once everything's cooked (unless you taste them, of course), but what really stood out for me were the curry and honey garlic flavors.

Another dish to try is their Cheese Deung Galbi (P950).

Here, you start by melting some cheddar and mozzarella and wrap it around fall-off-the-bone BBQ baby back ribs. After which, you use the leftover cheese and combine it with corn, steamed egg, rice, and kimchi to create delicious fried rice. It's a crazy cheese party you'll surely love!

Here's what it looks like once it's all cooked. Delicious, right?

But if you want to skip the rice, you can also go for the Fire Cheese Chicken (P890).

This one's more on the spicy side - marinated chicken fried in their special spicy sauce and served with melted cheese.

I highly recommend this for those who love a bit of spicy and a lot of cheese on everything!

Jin Joo's Wings (P390) is also a crowd favorite - twice fried wings with sesame seeds, dipping sauce, and coffee gochujang glaze. If you're really hungry, I suggest ordering this as it serves as a great appetizer while you wait for your meats to be cooked.

The Sacheon Jjajang (P350) is a dish that features udon noodles, assorted seafood, cucumber, zucchini, and chun jang (black bean paste, hence the black sauce).

It wasn't my favorite, but I did like the other noodle dish we got to try - the Budae Jjigae (P940).

It has a spicy broth mixed in with ramen noodles, some Spam, Andouille sausages, and trumpet mushrooms. It reminded me of Korean instant noodles, but waaay fancier and tastier.

For something more simple in flavor, how about trying their USDA boneless short ribs / Galbi Bon Sal (P950)?

Or perhaps some Japchae (P390)? These glass noodles is a sweet and savory treat mixed in with a lot of vegetables. It's actually one of my favorite Korean side dishes to order.

But if you want something quick and easy (the kind you look for when you're in a rush), then go for the Dolsot Bibimbap. It's a meal on its own, all you have to do is mix the ingredients together - samgyeupsal, seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, fried tofu, and Korean spicy BBQ sauce. Choose from four kinds: marinated chicken, tofu and and mushroom, grilled pork, and beef bulgogi. The one we had was the Beef Bulgogi (P400).

Will I visit them again? A 100% YES! I actually heard they're opening a branch at The Podium and Mall of Asia soon, so watch out for that!

Visit Jin Joo Korean Grill at Eastwood Citywalk 1 and SM Aura today ;)
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