Saturday, March 31, 2018

My First Ever ROSEGAL Haul

Rosegal Haul
Got seven items for $33!

Last February, I wrote an article on What to Wear on Valentine's Day ft. Rosegal. There, I featured five dresses from Rosegal that would be perfect for a romantic date out on the city. 

A few weeks later, I found myself back on their site, looking up the most random things like LED lights and wall stickers. I love how their website isn't limited to just clothes; they also have items for home, beauty, accessories, and more. Anyway, enough blabber. Let's get on to my haul:

To tell you the truth, out of the seven items I purchased, the one I was most excited about getting are these LED lights. They are copper wire USB decoration string lights that give off a warm white light and comes with eight modes: combination, in waves, sequential, slow glow, chasing / flash, slow fade, twinkle / flash, and steady on.
Rosegal Haul
It's pretty useful in photoshoots, too. I absolutely love how these photos came out. Don't you?

Rosegal Haul
Next is this Button Embellished Scalloped Edge Blouse in white. I've always wanted a top like this, I just love how the scalloped edge gives such elegance to a simple white top. This one is in medium.

Rosegal Haul
Another favorite! This I'd Rather Be Sleeping sweatshirt is the comfiest thing ever! The material is pretty thick, so it's really really cozy. It's the kind of sweater that you'll want to wear during rainy nights and cool mornings that perfectly define the phrase "sweater weather". This one is also in medium.
Rosegal HaulRosegal Haul
Look how happy I am with my new sweater! ♥♥♥

Rosegal Haul
I've always wanted to decorate my plain white walls with stickers, and on Rosegal, I found the perfect one! How cute are these paper cranes? I would've shared a photo of my wall, but I haven't had the time to stick these yet. I got this for $5.13 (from its original price of $7.89) - pretty good deal, right?

Rosegal Haul
Probably my most daring online purchase yet. When it comes to clothing, I'd like to think I'm quite conservative. But at the time, this top was being sold for only $1.99, so I just couldn't pass it up!
Rosegal Haul
It only comes in one size, but it fits okay (I think?), so no regrets here! I'll probably wear it on the beach this summer or something.

Rosegal Haul
My favorite accessory? Bracelets! I'm not ashamed to say I have a ton! I don't know why, but I just have to have something on my wrists whenever I leave the house, otherwise, I feel incomplete. Do you feel the same?
Rosegal Haul
This Alloy Rhinestone Circle Chain Bracelet Set is simple yet classy. You can wear these together or separately, it really depends on your preference. My only concern is that the extender is really long and dangles when worn (but I guess they made it so that it fits everyone). It's very easy to remove though, so that's really not a big deal. I definitely love how chic this looks - quite affordable, too, at $2.34!

Since it was my first time ordering from Rosegal, I picked items from different categories to give a more varied review and check on the quality of each. Despite from loose thread on the clothing (which you can easily cut), everything has been really good and and fit quite well. This wallet is no exception, I love the color! It's such a good find, and I'm glad I purchased it, though it did arrive a month later than the rest. I guess it's really in demand, since I just checked the site and it's currently sold out! If you like it, better add it to your wishlist so you can keep track once they restock.
Will definitely be purchasing more items from Rosegal in the future ;)

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