Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hamaru Yakitori + Sushi

The newest Japanese hangout up north!

Owners Tadeo Chua and Therese Larroza opened Hamaru after realizing that hip and quality restaurants/bars in Quezon City are sorely lacking. I mean - let's face it, QC people - whenever we go out, we often end up driving at least an hour to find good food, drinks, AND ambiance. It's just not easy to find all three in our area (at least where I live).
With their love for food (and alcohol), little to none experience in managing a restaurant, and a lot of guts, they brought Hamaru Yakitori and Sushi to life at The Food Hive in Visayas Avenue!
Staying true to its name which means "go crazy over," Hamaru is seriously crazy to fill and surprise you beyond imagination. It's not just a restaurant nor a bar, it's a modern izakaya that will soon be your casual go-to place for both Japanese food and drinks! 
Their menu, which was crafted by Chef Niño Laus (of Ninyo Fusion Cuisine), will put your senses into psychedelic delight! A lot of the dishes you'll get to try here are items you won't find anywhere else! What to expect: kushiyaki (skewered meat and vegetables), signature sushi rolls, and agemonos (deep-fried dishes) with modern touches! Check these out:

Black Sakura (P195)
fried chicken bulaklak marinated in squid ink
with un-oyster-yuzu sauce and topped with umeboshi mayo and tobiko (flying fish roe)
Tsukune Shiso (P120)
grilled chicken meatball with fried chicken skin bits and fried shiso leaf
egg yolk dip with truffle oil
Oyster Motoyaki (P195)
oyster baked in cauliflower puree
topped with chili-garlic mayo and tobiko
Tofu Pocket (P230)
toro (fatty tuna) and fermented pako tossed in balsamic mayo and karashi and packed inside fried tofu skin (abura-age)
Nino's Chicken Poppers (P155)
Chef Nino's old and well-loved recipe
fried chicken thigh cutlets tossed in sweet sauce and topped with bonito flakes
Black Fried Oyster (P200)
oyster fried in squid ink batter and served with oyster cream
US Beef Intestine (P115)
grilled US beef intestine braised in akadashi miso
topped with pickled shitake, Hamaru's homemade furikake and truffle oil
Bonjiri (P60)
grilled chicken tail topped with scallion vinaigrette
Butabara (P90)
grilled pork belly served on top of sweet potato puree
topped with pickled eggplant
Kawa (P60)
grilled chicken skin topped with scallion vinaigrette
Wagyu Chahan (P180)
wagyu trimmings, sushi rice
Salmon Chahan (P130)
salmon, sushi rice, alugie paste
Shake New Style Sashimi (P290)
salmon sashimi dressed with ginger, scallion, jalapeño, and ponzu
lightly seared using hot sesame-olive oil
Salmon Aburi Philly Roll (P330)
torched salmon + cream cheese
Ryujin "Dragon God of the Sea" Roll (P480)
fried tiger prawn, samon, and tuna with gochujang mayo and yuzu
topped with avocado and shitake tempura
Hamaru Soft Shell Crab Roll (P430)
fried soft shell crab and mango
topped with crab meat tossed in aligue mayo and tobiko
Every single item I got to try that day blew my mind. Majority of it was like nothing I've ever tried before - which is why you'll see me again, Hamaru. My favorites were the Oyster Motoyaki (creamy + spicy), Shake New Style Sashimi (because salmon is life), and the Hamaru Soft Shell Crab Roll (for the generous serving of crab meat on top).
Hamaru also has a great set of drinks available, after all, it is an izakaya. The most popular of which is the Sake Bomb. It's a beer cocktail where they pour sake in a shot glass and drop it into a glass of beer. It's an experience worth trying (you'll hear a lot of chanting and banging of tables as you try to drop the sake into the glass!)
Another is the Tanka Sake Flight which is five shots of their best sake selection. 

Remember: Drink Sake, Stay Soba! 
Hamaru Yakitori & Sushi is located inside The Food Hive, 80 Visayas Avenue, Tandang Sora, Quezon City.
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