Saturday, July 11, 2015

MINIONS: A Feel-Good Movie

We were supposed to catch the Eiga Sai (Japanese Film Festival) at Shangri-La Plaza last night, but due to traffic, we ended up watching Minions instead. 

I thought it would be some variation of Spongebob where the entire show is filled with stupidity of sorts, but it wasn't. I'm happy to say that the Minions movie is actually worth watching!

It came with a real story - basically, the history of the minions. It's a feel-good movie; it's not just for kids though since there were some parts that I thought adults could relate to better. The minions are so cute, especially at the start when they were just teeny tiny baby organisms-slash-tadpole-looking things!! The way they were stupid was funny, not annoying like Spongebob (yes, I really despise that show)
I love how the three leads - Stuart, Kevin, and Bob - have such different and unique personalities that you won't have a hard time distinguishing one from another.

And it is crazy to say that even though they weren't speaking English, I'm still able to understand them most of the time? You guys can relate, right?? Please tell me it's not just me!! Hahaha!! Or maybe Universal Pictures is just that good, that they're able to show all kinds of emotions without having the need for words (okay, fine, maybe just some words). There were a few touching and sweet scenes here and there, and I don't know, I just really felt for the minions and their quest for the biggest, baddest villain.
The ending was epic!! Sorry if you see this as a spoiler, but I can't hold it in any longer.

.... GRU!! They end up with Gru!!! <3 
Okay, it's not that big of a deal, because we've all watched Despicable Me, so we know Gru's the boss they'll eventually end up with, and not accidentally killing (for now, at least). Haha! 
Yaay! Go watch it while you still can! :)