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Earth Kitchen, White Plains

Earth Kitchen
Earth Kitchen
What's behind the huge wooden doors?

Welcome to Earth Kitchen where you'll be welcomed by warmly lit interiors, colorful artworks on the walls, and fresh produce on shelves from Got Heart :)

Both Got Heart and Earth Kitchen have tied up with indigenous and local communities - Got Heart helps sell their products, while Earth Kitchen actually purchases and cooks them for their customers. I've read on Green Living that "what makes Earth Kitchen unique is it’s dedication to farmers and indigenous communities, and the menu is shaped by whatever it is they can produce or harvest." That's pretty awesome, don't you think?
Earth Kitchen
Earth Kitchen
The artworks displayed were actually made by kids who survived typhoon Yolanda. You can already help rebuild Leyte just by buying their art! :)
Earth Kitchen
They have shelves in the middle of the room displaying various products from different communities they've partnered with. Got Heart Foundation Inc. is centered with the values of love and gratitude which opened possibilities for sharing blessings that are used in creating real lasting change among marginalized communities. Anchored to the core values, Got Heart envisions on creating SHInDig (Sustainable, Holistic, Independent and Dignified) communities and people in the country. With this, the foundation believes on developing and harnessing the potentials of people and communities in creating sustainable livelihood. 

"We create heartlinks – ways for people to help and opportunities for the marginalized to help themselves – to bring out the best for those who have the least." (source)
Earth Kitchen
Now, doesn't knowing all this make you want to eat here more often? It doesn't hurt that the ingredients they use are 70-80% organic, not to mention delicious as well! ;)

Grilled Vegetable Salad (P270)
zucchini, bell pepper, eggplant, carrots, pickled mushrooms, herbs and greens, kesong puti, balsamic vinaigrette 

As I've revealed on the blog numerous times before, I'm not a fan of veggies. When I'm at home, I tend to avoid it at all costs, but when I'm out, I like to try as many dishes as I can - including salads. With this one, I didn't need any convincing. Just looking at this dish made me want to eat lots of it. I don't know. I guess that's how aesthetics work. Their Grilled Vegetable Salad is packed with numerous vegetables that you'll find yourself tasting something new in every bite. I'm proud to say I tried them all! Haha! :P The sourness from the balsamic vinaigrette is a good choice for this one.
Earth Kitchen
Mushroom Spring Rolls (P280)
organic/naturally produced shiitake mushrooms, peanuts, herbs and greens, lime hoisin sauce

Another vegetarian dish, but I didn't mind. Unlike in some vegetarian restaurants where the dishes turn out bland/lack flavor, theirs don't. You won't feel that they're skimping out on anything. The ingredients used were fresh and the servings are worth the price you're paying, at least that's what I think. (I may be slightly biased because anything with mushrooms wins extra points in my book) Though to be honest, I was already full before we even got to the main dishes. Haha
Earth KitchenEarth Kitchen
Beef Kebab (P360)
boneless beef ribs, tzatziki, grilled vegetables, choice of organic ifugao rice pilaf or 3pcs flour tortilla and organic mixed greens

My knowledge on kebab is very limited. For me, once you've tried one, you've tried them all. I saw the sauce as the determining factor since I tend to drown the meats in sauce, so flavor of the meat doesn't really matter in the end. But with Earth Kitchen's version, you really get to taste the beef because the sauce isn't as abundant as in other places like Mister Kebab. Not that it even makes sense to compare the two. Eating this kebab is an experience in itself because there is a process to it - (1) put meat on top of a flour tortilla, (2) add veggies, (3) pour some sauce, and (4) wrap everything before (5) biting into it. With Mister Kebab, you just drown everything in sauce then eat it. Haha. The beef is flavorful and tender, a not-so-heavy dish if you're not feeling too hungry. Make sure to put a little bit of everything to appreciate it fully.
Earth Kitchen
Mushroom Ravioli (P370)
kesong puti, shiitake, button, and milky mushrooms, pili nuts, light cream sauce

Mushrooms! What else can I say? I loved this! I know it doesn't look all that appetizing being that it's cream based and there's no contrasting color, but it's a dish that's worth trying. Sure, it's a bit on the pricey side since they serve only a few pieces, but a few is enough to leave you wanting more. I'll definitely come back for this.
Earth Kitchen
Beef Bulgogi Soft Tacos (P265)
boneless beef ribs, kimchi rice, salad greens, seaweed

Not much to say about this since I couldn't eat anymore after the last four dishes. My officemates said it was yummy though, they just wished it contained more beef.
Earth Kitchen
Goat’s Cheese – Frozen Cheese Cake (P250)
goat’s cheese ice cream, wild honey, dried figs, cashew nuts

It's ice cream that tastes like yogurt; it's just slightly sour though. I don't explore a lot when it comes to ice cream; I mostly like rocky road, salted caramel, vanilla, and strawberry, so I'm glad we got the chance to try this. I liked the cashew nuts and wild honey additions, but not so much the dried figs.
Earth Kitchen
Will I eat here again? Yes, I would! :)Earth Kitchen
Healthy. Local. Sustainable.

Earth Kitchen is located at:
Lot 10-B-10 Katipunan Ave., White Plains, Quezon City
Open from 11AM to 9PM daily
For reservations, call (02)577-9138 / (02)961-0572 / (0917)584-3278

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