Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ombu Modern Filipino Restaurant

Ombu, Tomas Morato
A great place for celebrations – the dishes are simple and straightforward yet perfectly catches the Filipino taste.

My family has already eaten here twice, first on my birthday, then again on my parents’ anniversary. The fact that Ombu is located in a hotel will make you think that their prices are expensive, but they aren’t. They’re actually quite affordable – a fact that surprised me and my family during our first time here. Ombu Restaurant is a modern Filipino restaurant done in good taste; its black and white interiors go well with Sequioa Hotel's overall classy vibe.
Ombu, Tomas Morato
Nachos (P100)
Nacho chips with tomato salsa drizzled with cheese sauce
Ombu, Tomas Morato
Chicken Skin (P130)
Breaded, deep-fried chicken skin, served with spicy vinegar dipping sauce
Ombu, Tomas Morato
Crispy Kangkong (P100)
Deep fried water spinach served with aioli dip
Ombu, Tomas MoratoOmbu, Tomas MoratoOmbu, Tomas Morato
Salted Egg Spaghettini (P200)
Tossed in golden sauce of salted egg yolks and sprinkled with tomatoes, cucumber, and salted egg whites
Ombu, Tomas MoratoOmbu, Tomas Morato
Salisbury Bistek Tagalog (P230)
Beef burger patties covered with soy-calamansi gravy and onion rings
Ombu, Tomas Morato
Sizzling Sisig (P250)
Chopped pork with onions and chili served in a sizzling plate
Ombu, Tomas MoratoOmbu, Tomas Morato
Eggplant Binagoongan (P180)
Eggplant and fried pork belly in shrimp paste sauce
Ombu, Tomas Morato
Seafood Mix Laing (P200)
A mix of shrimp, crab meat, onions, and lemongrass wrapped in taro leaves cooked in light coconut milk
Ombu, Tomas Morato
Herb Crusted Mahi-Mahi (P395)
Pan-fried mahi-mahi fillet in cream sauce topped with herb flavored crust
Ombu, Tomas Morato
Munggo with Tinapa (P160)
A hearty mung bean stew with smoked fish
Ombu, Tomas Morato
Overall, I would recommend dining at Ombu. Our favorites are the Crispy Kangkong, Salted Egg Spaghettini, Salisbury Bistek Tagalog, and Munggo with Tinapa; the least favorite would have to be the Herb Crusted Mahi-mahi.
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Ombu is located at the ground floor of Sequoia Hotel, Mother Ignacia Avenue, corner Timog Avenue, Q.C.