Friday, July 3, 2015

Gustav Café, Pampanga

Gustav Cafe
A two-hour drive for this pizza? Totally worth it.

Gustav Cafe
The family took a trip up north to Pampanga a few weeks back to visit my lola. We got hungry along the way so we decided to have a quick lunch at Gustav Café. Since we knew nothing about the place, we asked the waiter for his recommendations and ended up ordering the following:
Gustav Cafe
Spicy Gambasetti (P198)
spaghetti with gambas

Don't make the mistake of judging this dish by its appearance, it tastes so much better than it looks. It was the right amount of spicy - not too overwhelming that that's all you can taste. The flavor wasn't like your regular spaghetti or seafood marinara either; I can't put my finger on it, but we loved that it was different (especially with all the shrimps and cheese that went with it).
Gustav Cafe
Sisig Twist (P129)
our version of the Kampampangan favorite with a twist

It's spicier and more flavorful than your usual sisig which I wouldn't exactly call a "twist," but I'm not complaining. I really liked this version.
Gustav Cafe
Steak ala Gustav (P297)
tenderloin steak with Gustav House Bernaise sauce and mushrooms

I expected this dish to be all kinds of amazing since it was their specialty, but it was just okay. Probably my least favorite out of everything we tried.
Gustav Cafe
Gustav White Pizza (P285)
one whole pizza with white sauce, sprinkled with mushrooms, flavors, spices, and a combination of imported cheese

So. Much. Cheese. My mom, my sister, and I love everything with cheese (and mushrooms) and this is no exception.
Gustav Cafe
My dad's masterpiece - mini pizza slice!
Gustav Cafe
Will try to visit again soon!
Gustav Cafe
Happy eating! :)
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