Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sunrise Buckets

Sunrise Buckets
What a great place to hang out with friends. Too bad the service sucks.

When one of my friends mentioned that Sunrise Buckets vouchers were being sold on a deal site a few weeks ago, we decided to purchase some and have our monthly catch-up date for August there.

We ordered the following: a pitcher of iced tea, Frings (French fries and onion rings), and five half-pound wing buckets.
Sunrise BucketsSunrise BucketsSunrise BucketsSunrise BucketsSunrise Buckets
For the wings, we tried these flavors: Sunrise Original (Mild), Garlic Parmesan, Jack Daniel's, Smokin' BBQ, and Hot N' Sticky Maple.
Sunrise BucketsSunrise Buckets
The place is very laid back, it's exactly the kind of establishment you'd find near the beach.
Sunrise Buckets Sunrise BucketsSunrise BucketsSunrise Buckets
Unfortunately, the service crew seem to be enjoying the laid back vibe a little too much. When our chicken wings arrived, they only came with one set of utensils. I understand that you have to use plastic gloves to eat the wings, but I'm not sure if that's how we're supposed to eat the rice, too. Anyway, we asked for four more sets, but they never arrived. Okay, fine, I'll let that slide since I enjoyed the food naman. What I can't let go is when we had to ask for the bill three times. Take note, we were sitting in front of the bar (where the servers stayed), so it's impossible for them not to see us or forget that we already asked for the bill. So, first instance, I raised my hand and asked for the bill from Server #1. Second instance (at least five minutes later), my friend reminded me that the bill hasn't arrived yet. So I stood up and peeked over the bar - that's when I saw Server #1 sitting on a stool doing something (probably texting). So I said, "Miss, pa-follow up yung bill." She looked up at me, then ordered the girl standing beside her (Server #2) to bill us out. Server #2 started punching the cash register, so I sat back down and joined the conversation with my friends. From time to time, I would look at the bar and at the two servers, but still, no bill. I had to ask for it again before it finally arrived.

I'm not sure if they were having some problems with the register, but if they did, they didn't bother telling us. Or maybe they didn't care much about us since we were using vouchers? I don't know. The fact that there weren't that many customers at the time makes it more annoying.Sunrise Buckets
I'm not sure how my friends found the food; for me, it was just okay. It definitely helped to have many flavors to choose from, but I'm not sure if what we ate was worth our P2,000 bill.

(Last photo was taken at Banapple)