Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween 2013

Over the weekend, Mike and I attended a 90's icon-themed Halloween party. Guess who we dressed up as? :)
Bario and MuigiBario and Muigi 
The Mario Brothers!

But instead of putting the letters M and L on our caps, we decided to put the letters B and M instead - so that's Bario and Muigi for you! Haha!

Check out this photo:
Bario and Muigi
Mike photoshopped the small soccer balls I was holding to make them look like fireballs!

As for his prop, well, he made that all by himself. In the game, Mario jumps under a brick to get power ups like the flower you see above. Galing noh? Karir kung karir! 

I think Mike's friends are planning another costume party for Christmas. Eeeek, so excited! :)