Thursday, October 31, 2013

Calling All Garlic Fans!

Calling all garlic fans!

Check out Mad for Garlic located at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig!
 Mad for Garlic

Mad for Garlic is an Italian wine bistro that originated in Korea in 2011. According to their website, they now have 27 outlets in Korea, two in Singapore, one in Indonesia and of course, the Philippines.
Mad for Garlic
To be honest, I was a bit hesitant coming into this because I've never really liked garlic. Most of the time, I just leave it on the side of my plate, like I do with onions. But thanks to Mad for Garlic, I decided to give it a second chance. Haha!
Mad for GarlicMad for GarlicMad for Garlic
Their interiors are what they describe as medieval European rustic tavern. Check out the garlic bulbs hanging on garlic-shaped lamps that add even more character to the place!

Below are two of their signature ades - namely Yuja Ade and Lemon Ade. 
Mad for GarlicMad for Garlic
I went with the Yuja Ade since this day was all about trying something new. Yuja is Korean for citron,  which is a citrus fruit often used as a garnish. The taste was subtle and sweet, and definitely refreshing. They even threw in some citron peels for added aroma/flavor.

For starters, they served us their Soute di Cozze - fresh mussels with homemade tomato sauce.
Mad for Garlic
The sauce was a bit on the spicy side, which I loved. :)

Next, we had the Insalata di Mare - fresh vegetables with various kinds of seafood.
Mad for Garlic
What's great about Mad for Garlic is that they now serve personal/solo sizes of their dishes. This way, you can order more food without having to shell out too much on big servings. :)
Mad for Garlic
Here, we have the Garlic Snowing Pizza (special sauce topped with shrimp, pineapple and fried sliced garlic). This bestselling pizza is served with the cheese added in front of you, making it look like it's actually snowing cheese - hence, the name.
Mad for Garlic
We were told that kids love this, so I don't see why adults wouldn't - especially with all the health benefits of garlic (lowers blood pressure, normalizes cholesterol levels, reduces risk of heart diseases, etc.) ;)

We also got to try their Old Ham and Sausage Pizza (a creamy pizza topped with sausage, ham, bacon, and black pepper in their special sauce).
Mad for Garlic
It's basically their own version of an all-meat pizza. Yum!

Another thing to note about Mad for Garlic is that they make everything on their own - from the pasta to the pizza dough to the garlic chips - and they make them fresh daily! ;) Saan ka pa!?

Speaking of pasta, their Triple Garlic Pasta was definitely a treat.
Mad for Garlic
Spicy pasta served with fresh mussel, shrimp, cuttle fish and garlic sprout. One of my favorites of the night :)

Now, for the Garlic Steak - prime rib-eye steak topped with various kinds of garlic.Mad for Garlic
Can you find the meat?? Haha! I felt like I was in garlic heaven! Mad for Garlic
After all that food, it was finally time to try out their cocktails.

They started us off with a pitcher of their signature cocktail, Yaku Soju.Mad for Garlic
Those who like Yakult will probably like this, too. :)
Mad for GarlicMad for Garlic
By the way, Happy Hour at Mad for Garlic starts at 2pm until closing time. Again, saan ka pa!?
Mad for GarlicMad for Garlic
Next, we were given a glass of Jim's 7th Heaven - the strongest drink out of everything we tried. I just had a sip because I didn't want to drive home drunk. Kids, don't drink and drive, please!
Mad for GarlicMad for Garlic
And finally, the Vampire's Wine and the Deep Blue Sea. You can probably figure out which is which.
Mad for GarlicMad for Garlic
Deep Blue Sea, why you look so pretty? *_* And you taste really good, too!

To complete our garlicky experience, we tried their Garlic Sprinkle Gelato. Garlic ice cream served with a garlic cookie - what more can you ask for?
Mad for GarlicMad for Garlic
Even though they specialize in everything with garlic, Mad for Garlic proves that they can really make great food, even without their main ingredient.

You don't believe me? Try out their garlic-free Panna Cotta!
Mad for Garlic
The texture, the taste, the creaminess - everything was on the spot!
Mad for GarlicMad for Garlic
Two thumbs up for this one. A great dessert to end a great night! :)
Thank you Mad for Garlic for having us!:)

Mad for Garlic is located at W Global Center, 30th Street cor. 9th Avenue, BGC, Taguig
Please visit their Facebook page and website here.