Monday, September 9, 2013

Bukilat Cave

The Philippines is a country blessed with so many beautiful places that, unfortunately, not many people know about. Last year, I was able to spend two nights in Camotes Island, Cebu. We went around the island on a motorbike and our first stop was this cave.

Bukilat Cave
Bukilat Cave

I thought it was just going to be another dark and gloomy cave, with lots of bats and stalagmites (and whatever). Boy, was I wrong. This is the most amazing cave I have ever seen, everWhere is the light coming from, you ask? Light passes through a hole at the top of the cave. Ganda lang. :)
Bukilat Cave 4

Mike and I standing under the light
Bukilat Cave 2

Another one (taken from a different angle)Bukilat Cave 3
The water was only knee deep when we got there due to low tide. Luckily we got to swim in the other cave we visited (water was higher there). There were lots of people there - both locals and tourists - at the time and the water was really cool! I didn't get the name of the cave though :(

If you’re going to Cebu, please take the time to visit Camotes Island. If I’m not mistaken, the island has a total of 8 natural caves. During my trip, I was only able to explore two of them. Still hoping to return to visit the other six soon! :)