Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Instax Craze

Instax cameras are all the rage in the Philippines right now - maybe even all over the world. People have gone absolutely cray-cray over them, me included. I was so happy when I purchased my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 last January. Imagine, you just press the shutter and your photo comes out insta(x)ntly! Plus they come in different colors and designs! Mine has red stars all over, but there were other colors that I wanted too. I've brought Polly (yes, I call my Instax "Polly") out a number of times since - to take photos of my preschool students, to random dinners with friends and family, and most recently, to Boracay.

Because more and more stores are selling Instax cameras and accessories, it's getting harder for me to resist spending on them. :p Luckily, one of my friends flew to Singapore over the weekend and was kind enough to get me some accessories for Polly! Last week, I only had these photo albums to go with my Mini 8. Now I have these as well:

A transparent case and some stickers! :)Instax Accessories

One photo would have probably sufficed for this post. But since I like making my entries colorful, here you go!Instax Accessories
Instax stickers - much cheaper than buying films with designs (Pooh, Stitch, etc.) You just peel off the frame sticker and apply onto your plain film. Tutorial here.

I ordered the pastel and retro patterns :)
Instax AccessoriesInstax Accessories
Aside from the stickers, I also got a transparent case for Polly.
Instax AccessoriesInstax Accessories
At first, I thought about getting a glow-in-the-dark case, but then I realized, the colored case would only cover up the stars on Polly, so I went with this one instead.
Instax AccessoriesInstax Accessories
Isn't she pretty? :) P.S. The case is super easy to use!

Step 1: Put your Instax camera in, front first. It won't close if you start with the back.
Instax Accessories
Step 2: Close the case.
Instax Accessories
Step 3: Lock it.
Instax Accessories
Tadaaaaa! There you go, my first tutorial!! #lame
There should actually be a fourth step, but since I didn't use the strap, I ended at three. :D

I'm glad I was able to buy these at a cheaper price. Though I'm hoping that I won't have to go to a different country to get them next time. I'd rather support local stores, as long as their prices are reasonable :)Instax Accessories