Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sci-Fi Café: A Toy Haven

Mike and I headed to Sci-Fi Café at Robinson's Galleria to celebrate our 18th month together. :)
Sci Fi Cafe
For some of you who’ve been to toycon, this place might seem like the same thing. Some of you will also think that a guy just didn’t know what to do with his toys, so he decided to open up a cafe and use them as some cheap attraction - but that’s not it at all. Sci-Fi Café offers more than just the opportunity to eat with someone’s toy collection.

While waiting for the food to be served, we also had the chance to appreciate the movie merchandise and prop replicas. They even let you handle some of them! After watching Back to the Future, who hasn’t thought about playing with Marty McFly’s hover board and trying on his future cap? Or swinging Storm Shadow’s double katana? Or holding Captain America’s shield? Granted, it’s not made with vibranium alloy, but it still feels like the real thing!
Sci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi Cafe
Aside from having limited edition movie paraphernalia surround you while you eat, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that they actually offer good food. The chicken breast is creamy and delectable, and the aligue pasta is succulently edgy. Similar to any good restaurant, it’s good food first, gimmick second
Sci Fi CafeSci Fi Cafe Sci Fi CafeSci Fi CafeSci Fi Cafe
Bettina: The only problem with our food would probably be the overcooked-slash-really-old side veggies that you see above. It wasn't the least bit appetizing. Oh, and at some point, we overheard the manager reprimanding his staff for something, but we really didn't let that bother us. Mike was busy appreciating the toys all around, and I was enjoying learning about them. 
Sci Fi Cafe
Sci-Fi Café even goes a step further by letting us diners try on costumes from almost any fan favourite sci fi movie. They’ve got Harry Potter’s robes (with matching wand and broom), Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman spandex, Darth Vader’s infamous helmet, Batman’s cape and cowl (of course!) and even something as unusual as X-Men’s Beast costume. Diners can wear them and take photos with them, which I thought seemed pretty childish at first, but once we got started, it felt like being a kid again. It even came to the point that I was hogging the costumes from 12-year old kids! I mean, who wouldn’t want to pretend to be Spiderman for a few minutes??
Sci Fi CafeSci Fi Cafe
Sci-Fi Café isn’t just a display case with food. It’s a playground for kids and young adults alike. It’s a fun little hangout that will make you release your inner geek!
Sci Fi CafeSci Fi Cafe
Sci Fi CafeSci Fi Cafe
Note: I requested Mike to write this article because he knows a lot more about this stuff than I do. 
Proud girlfriend of a geeky man right here!! Definitely one for the books :)
Until our next adventure!