Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Quarantine Eats: Part Three

Another list of goodies we've tried this month! 

Hello, how've you guys been? Hope you're staying safe and limiting your interactions with the outside world (unless absolutely necessary, of course)

To tell you the truth, I haven't exactly been productive lately. Other than shooting photos for my blog and Instagram, I haven't been writing or doing much of anything else. If you look back at the past months, I did regular quarantine updates, but for this month, this will probably be the only post you'll see here. Next month should be exciting though, because I'm announcing something pretty big and I can't wait for you guys to find out what it is! (EDIT: FIND OUT HERE!)

Also, this is our third month of living in the province (with occasional trips to Manila to visit our families). We still order food from restaurants and home businesses regularly, so I thought I'd share another list of my quarantine eats - hopefully you'll find something that interests you and makes you want to #supportlocalbusiness as well :) 

1. Pizza X
I'm a huge lover of pizza, which is why you'll see two of them on our list this month. Pizza X is a brand new business that came about during the quarantine. They sell ready-made frozen pizzas which you can easily defrost whenever you feel like it. They currently have it in six flavors - Xtra Cheezy, Tropical Xplosion, Angus Xtreme, Pesto Xcellency, Pepperoni Xtacy, and Mexican Fix. My personal favorite? Pesto Xcellency. You can get a xampler of all six flavors for only Php 449. Order today via @pizzax_2020.

2. Peñafiel's
Tacos don't have to be limited to Tuesdays, especially if they're as good as the ones Peñafiel's serves! They have everything from beef tapa to pork sisig to chicken adobo flakes, but my favorite taco from them is their Birria Queso which you dip in warm pares broth. As you can also see in the photo, they also have chicken wings on the menu - I highly recommend their buffalo wings as it has a bit of kick to it. They operate from Makati/BGC but can deliver as far as Bulacan up north and Laguna for those living down south. Check them out:

3. Your Local
I can't believe it took a pandemic for me to finally try Your Local. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but since I rarely venture out to Makati, I just never had the chance to, until now, that is. I've been practicing a lot in the kitchen since quarantine started and if there's a way to have the restaurant experience at home, then I'm all for it. I got a box of their Chili Crab buns for Tim and myself and I was surprised at how easy it was to prepare. And really delicious, too! Not bad for Php 870! Order thru :)

4. Kuya Crepes
If you're looking for a refreshing change from all the cookies, cakes, and brownies being sold around the metro, well then, Kuya Crepes is your guy! The business started as an initiative to provide sustenance to frontliners, but then.. people started asking for more. I'm not surprised though. I got to try their Chocolate Mango and Lemon Pie and they were both so, so good! The crepes are thicker than the ones we're used to, apparently, that's really how they make it in France (the chef is actually French). It's definitely bang for your buck! P.S. don't forget to get that cream add-on, it makes all the difference! 

5. Hangry Monster Kitchen
A long time ago, I spent an afternoon at The Wander Space, a cafe, retail store, and events place located in Maginhawa. I remember ordering a glass of iced tea and their lasagna, which I even posted on my Instagram. Unfortunately, The Wander Space closed its doors last year.. The good news is, they're now selling the same exact lasagna through Hangry Monster Kitchen! We had this for dinner last Sunday and to my surprise, even my dad (who doesn't normally like pasta) loved this one! 

6. Milky Dust Donuts
You've never had donuts like this.. I guarantee it! Created by Twinkle Lacsamana, Milky Dust Donuts are Korean-style filled donuts that are soft and pillowy and generously coated with their signature "milky dust". Their classic flavors come in Ube Cheese, Vanilla Milk, Dark Mocha, and Pure Chocolate, while their premium flavors include Strawberry Milkshake, Berries and Cream, and Peanut Butter Cup. It's 250 per tub of eight for the classics and 350 per tub of eight for the premium donuts. Instagram: @milkydustdonuts

7. Pizza Express
Making your own pizza has never been this easy! Pizza Express' DIY kit already includes everything you'll need - from the pizza crusts to the tomato passata and of course, the toppings! I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I can imagine how much more fun this could be with kids around the house! Get yours here.

8. Otter Breads
Nowadays, I'm all about convenience, so anything that I can stuff in my fridge to reheat whenever gets plus points from me. One of my current favorite fridge stuffers (haha) is sourdough. It's healthy and can be paired with a lot of things - from jams to kimchi to avocados - you can even eat it on its own! In the photo, I have my favorite kimchi + cheese combo and something I tested out, mashed avocados + turkey ham + chili crunch. P.S. Otter Breads is now offering weekly/bi-monthly/monthly bread subscription boxes, so make sure to follow them for updates! 

9. Mad About Gyoza
If you're mad about gyoza like I am, make sure to check out Mad About Gyoza for great deals on these Japanese potstickers. For Php 260, you get 30 frozen pieces to defrost and fry either slowly or all in one go. They ship from Cubao/San Juan so if you're on the lookout for easy meals to prepare, I highly recommend trying them out. I just ordered another pack for myself - I swear, I could eat these all day.

10. I Make Lemon Bars
My friend Lucky of DiscoverMNL finally gave in and decided to sell her lemon bars! Tim and I were lucky enough to have tasted it last week and now, her business is in full swing! Her lemon bars are thick and moist and extra lemony! Super proud of this lady, from starting DiscoverMNL to featuring small businesses to making lemon bars... will always support you, Lucky!! (I actually already pre-ordered a tray for Christmas HAHA) Instagram: @imakelemonbars

Hope this list helps you find more stuff to eat and businesses to order from! Will do part 4 in August! :)
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