Saturday, June 20, 2020

Quarantine Eats: Part Two

 Sharing ten more things to try this quarantine! #SupportSmallBusiness :)

Hey guys! I know we've officially transitioned to GCQ beginning June 1st, but that doesn't mean that the virus is gone, because it's still very much around. If you can, please stay at home and stay safe. For those who have been required to report back to work, please, please follow all necessary safety protocols - observe social distancing, wash your hands regularly, etc. You've heard this a million times already, I don't think I need to add to that anymore.

With all the things happening in the world, I know there can be days when we don't feel like cooking or preparing anything healthy for the family, so I've decided to curate part two of my Quarantine Eats for you guys (see part one here). I've been ordering a lot despite the fact that I'm currently in the province. I'm doing my best to support small businesses and I hope you guys are as well. So without further ado, here goes my list:

1. Ramen Nagi
I didn't realize how much I missed ramen until I got a taste of my favorite Butao King from Ramen Nagi! I ordered three sets of the Butao King at Php 790/set, plus Php 200 delivery fee (standard for orders over Php 2,000). As much as I loved it, I was kind of disappointed with the amount of noodles I received. It was a lot less than what you'd get when you dine in at their restaurant; I also heard the same comment from others. But yeah, if you're craving, it's definitely an easy way to get your ramen fix.

2. Lord Stow's Bakery
My forever favorite egg tarts! I just can't get enough of these! I ordered two dozens last Mother's Day via their Instagram page and it was super hassle free. They have a special product menu which you can check out through It's quite a long list so you'll surely find something you'll like. 

3. Tomato Cream Pasta
A labor of love from Tim, his tomato cream pasta. He made this for me on our first anniversary, since he knows it's my ultimate favorite pasta and I really appreciate all the work he put into this. We topped it off with some Daddy Mikk's chilli crunch for some spice! YUM! 

4. Sushi Bake
I was finally able to hop on the sushi bake bandwagon thanks to my friend, Iris. She sent over these two pans from her neighbor last week. Unfortunately, they don't have an Instagram account yet, but I'll update this post when they do. I also heard great things from Meatsumo Panay's take on sushi bake if you want to try it - link to their Instagram here.

5. The Dessert Bin
Love cookies? Well, I do! My friends Mich and Mikee started The Dessert Bin a while back but I only got to try it recently. My first thoughts on their Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie? It's like a chewy Chips Ahoy! You can really enjoying munching on it since it's not too sweet and therefore not nakakaumay. I love how despite placing it in the fridge, it still remained chewy. Amazing quality product! They also have a baby version called Joonakies so check them out here. Oh, and don't forget to order your fruits from Juicery Philippines :)

6. Le Petite Chef

 I absolutely loved this sweet-style spaghetti from Le Petite Chef! A lot of my foodie friends have been raving about it so I thought I'd try it too! Super sulit for Php 300 (good for two). It's the type of spaghetti that will remind you of your childhood - super creamy, cheesy, and meaty! It smelled so good coming out of the oven. If there's a birthday coming up in your family or if you just feel like eating some good ol' spaghetti, get in touch with Le Petite Chef!

7. Kimchi Rice with Caramelized Spam
This is probably my favorite creation this quarantine. I've been wanting to make some a while now and I'm so, so glad it was a success! But instead of using Spam, I actually used Prem, which is less saltier than Spam (and cheaper, too). So yeah, I guess I should call this Kimchi Rice with Caramelized Prem. Hehe.

8. The Good Tapa
We enjoyed the kimchi rice so much that we decided to make it again the following week and pair it with some Angus Beef Tapa from The Good Tapa. Prices for their regular tapa are as follows: Php 180 for 250 grams, Php 340 for 500 grams, and Php 620 for 1 kilo. The angus beef tapa is Php 680/kg. Order yours here.

9. Banana Muffins
 Don't you just love it when friends send you food? It says so much, especially during the time of Covid-19. Thank you so much to my blogger friend, Fran of, for sending over an entire box of Manang's choco banana muffins. I've never had banana muffins so heavy and packed and moist before. You really have to sell this na, because, I NEED MORE! Hahaha! Love you, Fran!!

10. Dimsum
Who doesn't love dimsum? More than sushi, I think dimsum is my #1 love. I can't eat these all day every day.. Especially if there's toyomansi and chili sauce! In photo: Siomai Sampler from DECS which includes pork shrimp, chicken mushroom, century egg, and scallop shrimp! Also opened up my bottle of Donardo's Chili Garlic Sauce which I discovered during our last Puregold run. :)

Most definitely doing a part 3 soon!
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