Saturday, February 1, 2020

Brotzeit Prosperity Menu

Checking out what's new at Brotzeit Philippines!

Brotzeit celebrates 2020 with their new Prosperity Menu! If you didn't know, Brotzeit is a homegrown brand that first opened in 2006 offering authentic German cuisine. 
They're also pretty popular for their beer selection, it's one of the reasons they're doing so well here in Manila. Brotzeit is the perfect location for after-office hangouts or barkada get-togethers. 

But of course, it isn't enough to have good beer. You have to provide great-tasting dishes as well. Lucky for you, Brotzeit has you covered! Here's a quick look at the Prosperity Menu they're launching for the month of February:

Pulled Pork Croquette (P190)
Loved this crisp Bavarian pulled pork served with a spicy garlic mustard sauce!

Sausage and Shrimp Dumplings (P420)

Dumplings aren't exclusive to Chinese cuisine, you guys! This baked dumpling is stuffed with sausages, shrimps, and pineapples. Weird combo but it works. It's served with the same spicy garlic mustard sauce as the pulled pork.

Chicken Supreme (P490)

If bell peppers are your thing, you will for sure love this chicken dish! It's chicken on top of bell pepper and potatoes casserole with charred red bell pepper fondue. Not as spicy as one would think.

Bacon Onion Pie (P350)

I know it doesn't look all that appetizing, but this was one of my favorites that day. Smoked bacon and onion baked in a flaky shortbread crust served with garden salad. Yes, it's not just eggs :P

Wild Mushroom Maultaschen (P450)

This was another favorite of mine. It's a lot like ravioli - pasta pockets stuffed with wild mushrooms and laced with sage-seasoned burnt butter.

Prosperity Platter (P3800)

The star of the Prosperity Menu - the Prosperity Platter! It's a feast of crisp pork knuckle, grilled pork chops, baked salmon strudel, sausages with a side of bacon onion pies and roasted potatoes, served with black truffle sauce and orange vinaigrette. This baby is good for 6-8 persons. Honestly, if you're planning to drop by, just order this platter and some beer and you're good to go!

You can't dine at Brotzeit without ordering their pork knuckle. Seriously.
Visit Brotzeit Philippines at Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Shangri-La at the Fort.
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