Friday, January 31, 2020

The Hong Kong Golden Goose at Lung Hin

Savour the taste of the Golden Goose from 2 November 2019 to 3 February 2020!

Yep, just a few days left to catch the Golden Goose at Lung Hin, Marco Polo Manila! It's been a while since I've last been to this restaurant, and it's always, always a pleasure. They put together another wicked menu for us and the Golden Goose, which comes from the renowned and century-old recipe of guest chef Billy Cheong, is of course, the main highlight!

For our group of eight, half was enough, but do note that this premium roasted dish is also available in quarter and whole portion sizes.

I highly suggest getting the part with more fat since it's more flavorful and juicy!

Aside from the goose, we also got to enjoy a couple more dishes, let's go through them one by one.

First up: Dimsum! Every Chinese restaurant has to have really good dumplings and I'm happy to say that Lung Hin has that covered! To be honest, I would've been perfectly fine with good ol' regular siomai, but they had to level it up with Steamed Seafood Dumplings with Caviar and Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings with Mayonnaise.

Presentation? Check! Flavor? Double check! I like how they served us two very different kinds of dumplings, the first being steamed and the other fried. I don't usually care for fried dumplings but this one's really good, especially with the mayonnaise. The steamed seafood dumpling is basically upgraded hakao with caviar and asparagus.

Next, we had the Braised Fish Lips with Dried Scallop Soup which had really good texture to it. Some black vinegar would've made it more flavorful, but masarap naman na as is.

Another seafood dish we had was the Poached Garoupa with Wild Mushroom in Fish Stock.

Fish seem to be a staple when it comes to Chinese lauriats. I'm personally not a huge fish eater, but I know for a fact that my in-laws would love this!

For vegetable lovers, there's the Steamed Stuffed Vegetarian Treasure in Inari Bag.

Something on the healthier side. I recommend adding lots of chili sauce to this one. Ugh. So good.

I also enjoyed the Steamed Whole Japanese Fresh Scallop with Minced Garlic in XO sauce.

Probably my favorite from that afternoon. The scallops were so, so succulent! I love how huge they were and how Lung Hin didn't scrimp out on any ingredient. There was so much garlic and sauce left over that I decided to put it on top of the fried rice haha!

Seriously though, I can't say no to fried rice, especially if it's Lung Hin's Signature Fried Rice with Seafood and Dried Scallop! Still not completely used to rice being served at the end of the meal, but if it's as flavorful as this one, why not, right?

The meal ended with dessert, my favorite Chilled Mango Sago with Coconut Milk! So refreshing!
Get all these and more only at Lung Hin, Marco Polo Manila! Don't forget, the Golden Goose is only available until the 3rd of February, 2020!
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