Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Grid: Workshop, Rambla, Happy Barrel, & EDSA

Always up for a visit to The Grid at Powerplant Mall!

Another week, another fun lunch with friends from the KTG at The Grid! This time, it was all about cheese, tapas, cocktails, and coffee! I know it's kind of a weird mix to have in the middle of the day, but as long as you're in good company, it all works! We came in on a Friday payday weekend, so it wasn't a surprise that The Grid was jam-packed that day - from couples having lunch dates to families bonding over good food, to folks having business meetings and titas going on their weekly catch-up sessions.

Here are the stalls we got to check out: Spanish by Rambla (Stall #8), Happy Barrel (wines galore!), EDSA BDG (Stall #12), and Workshop (cakes, crepes, etc.)

Spanish by Rambla (Stall #8) and Happy Barrel
Tim and I went on a Rambla date in Makati a couple of years back. I don't recall what we had exactly, but I remember having such an amazing time that I wanted to schedule our return immediately. Unfortunately, it never happened. Then came the Megamall-Podium food crawl organized by the SM Management. Out of 8 restaurants we visited, Las Flores was my favorite. And as it turns out, Las Flores is by Bistronomia, the same group behind restaurants like Tomatito, Rambla, La Lola, and Tapas y Pintxos.
Anyway, long story short, Rambla served us some wicked pintxos and tapas which went well with the sangria and wines from Happy Barrel. If you're looking to just order a couple to start off your meal, I highly recommend the Gambas al Ajillo, Patatas Bravas, Chorizo with White Wine, and Croquettas!
We also went a little crazy over the jamon as well as the manchego semicurado from Happy Barrel. Best cheese I've had in a while!!

And since we were there for lunch, I couldn't pass up the chance to order my favorite Fire Noodles from Gochu-Gang! Ang sarap talaga!! It has the kind of spice that lingers but for some reason, you just can't stop eating it! Sobrang panalo!
It was also the first time I had the Nasi Lemak with Salmon from Babu. I didn't expect to like it more than the chicken version, but it's so, so good!! If you're planning to go for the Nasi Lemak, please choose salmon!!

Workshop and EDSA BDG
After the mains came time for dessert! Now Workshop has been around for a while now and I've had the chance to visit them numerous times already, but it just never gets old. Dessert is always a highlight in every meal (at least for me haha), and as usual, they did not disappoint! If you love chocolate, go for the Flourless Chocolate Cake, Life Changing Brownie, or Caramelized Walnut Brownie (my fave out of the three). They're also known for their 17-layer cakes which come in Chocolate, Strawberry, and Caramel. Grabe, I can't imagine being able to finish a slice. SEVENTEEN LAYERS, GUYS. But I think what they're most famous for is their Basque Burnt Cheesecake. It's not only beautiful, but yummy too! If you have to order just one thing, go for that! I think it's something that everyone from all ages will enjoy.
All these went really well with drinks from EDSA BDG. EDSA Beverage Design Studio actually has a store along Edsa (Southbound after shell Gas Station and before Sambokojin Restaurant). The studio serves as the group's laboratory and showcase of new ideas and discoveries, constantly challenging the concept of what makes a great drink. It is also the physical space used to engage the customer into participating in the whole creation process. (sourceSo if you're looking for a different kind of coffee experience, do check them out. As usual, I went for the Flat White. I swear, I'll order a different drink on my next visit :P

Cheers to The Grid! May you continue to bring happiness to people through your awesome food and drinks selection! <3

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