Monday, August 5, 2019

Kaon 'Ta sa Cucina, Marco Polo Manila

Enjoy all your Ilonggo favorites at Cucina, Marco Polo Manila!

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila's Cucina showcases choice Ilonggo flavours from August 1-18, 2019, as part of its ongoing commitment to feature local flavours on a global level. Foodies from all over the metro can enjoy some of the province's famous dishes, including La Paz Batchoy, the Valenciana, and seafood specialties like talaba and the seasonal diwal. Unfortunately, the latter two weren't available during our visit, though there were other dishes we enjoyed trying, like the Ensaladang Langka, Nilagpang Na Gurayan, and Kinilaw Na Lato.
Like other Philippine provinces, Iloilo's gastronomic interpretations stem from its unique geography. From its sprawling midlands to picturesque beaches, Ilonggo cuisine boasts of Panay Island's access to nature's rich bounty of fresh ingredients. 
An Ilonggo family feast also would not be complete without the KBL or kadyos, baboy, at langka, which is best enjoyed with a steaming serving of rice on the side. Though I kind of think that all Filipino dishes are best eaten with rice. Don't you agree? I mean, just imagine eating Kansing Baka, Las-wang Utan Na May Baboy at Hipon, or Bakang Afritada without it.. It's just not the same.

If anyone was wondering, my favorite out of all the dishes we tried was the Valenciana. It wasn't the usual in the sense that they used beef stock instead of chicken. I guess that's how they do it in Iloilo? It was more watery than the usual and a lot more flavorful, too. The others said it reminded them of Pampanga's popular Bringhe. Would I eat it again? Heck, yes. I hope Marco Polo Manila continues to offer it even after the 18th. :P

I've been to Cucina many times before and it was always about International cuisine over there - from Turkish to Italian to Swiss to British - so I'm really glad they're featuring more local flavours now. Keep it up, MPM!

P.S. Don't forget to try their homemade Ilonggo desserts like Biscocho, Piyaya, Bayi-Bayi, Pinasugbo, and more!

Come and enjoy some of Iloilo's gastronomic dishes coming from the freshest ingredients until August 18, 2019! Prices are as follows: Php 1,399 (Mon to Fri Lunch) | Php 1,450 (Sat to Sun Lunch) | Php 1,650 (Dinner)

Choice Ilonggo dishes take the spotlight at cucina as part of the daily spread during lunch and dinner from 1 to 18 August 2019. For more information and reservations, please call (02) 7207720 or email
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