Saturday, March 2, 2019

DressLily Finds: March 2019

DressLily is on sale!!

Summer's around the corner so it's the perfect time to go shopping! Though for me, this summer is going to be more about finalizing things for our wedding as well as purchasing items for our future home. Until then, there will be no trips to the beach and more time online.
I headed over to DressLily once again to check out what's new on the site! Lo and behold, I've discovered they're also on sale! Expect to find really good deals, guys!!

For example, this 12Pcs Simple Design Rhinestone Rings is only $3.10. I love how they come in different styles and sizes so you can mix and match however you want! Original price: $3.72

Next, there's this really cool bag with a unique shape and texture. I don't think I have anything like this in my collection yet, so this Color Block Plaid Design Handbag might just be my next purchase. Current price is $22.15 versus $37.66 ;)

Looking to sport a new 'do? Well, I am! I haven't touched my hair in a while - no haircuts, not even a trim! I want it to be as long as possible on my wedding day. So for days when you feel like changing it up a bit, this Center Parting Short Wavy Lace Front Synthetic Wig is a good option. Price was $57.98, now it's $48.32 :)

Or you know, you could always get a new beret. I don't see a lot of people rocking berets in the Philippines, but they can definitely level up an outfit. You can also bring this when you travel abroad (I know a lot of people do that around summer time because (1) no school and (2) lots of seat sales! Find this on the website by looking up Women Woolen Beret.

Last but not the least is this really cute High Waist Heart Print Flare Dress. I mean how cute is that heart detail?? I like how it has two spaghetti straps per side instead of one. And it really has that very nice vintage vibe (and silhouette) that would look good with any body shape.

You know what, looking at this list, it might actually be possible to wear all these items together! I didn't choose items from different categories on purpose but just try to imagine these as a head-to-toe outfit! You just need to find some heels or wedges to go with it and you're perfect!


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