Saturday, December 1, 2018

Holiday Trend Report

Getting ready for the holidays with Nailaholics, Vivere Salon, and Ooh La Lash! 

If there are clothing trends for different times of the year, there are also beauty trends from makeup, nails, and hair. Seasonal nail trends are fairly predictable. For Spring, it's usually hues reminiscent of dainy tea parties and soirees with lots of soft corals, pastel pinks, and soothing mauves. Come Summer, you make way for the brights - candy colored greens and fire-engine reds. Fall ushers in the arrival of moodier shades - rich burgundies, sleek blacks, and opulent browns. But this predictability isn't always true for the holidays.

2018 ushers in a season inspired by mood and vibe more than sartorial rules. This means you can expect fun and festive colors as much as low-key and subtle shades, with a little bit of shimmer added to the mix. And that's exactly what I went for when I visited Nailaholics last week.
I had the usual manicure, pedicure, and foot spa done, but this time, I skipped the polish on my toes since the nail technicians from my previous visits have been telling me to give them a rest. I finally decided to give them a two week break, but heading over again next week to make them shiny and new. Haha.

For my hands, I went with dainty and ever-flattering colors from the Benefit x Solique partnership from Girlstuff Nail Polish. I used Whimsy as my base then topped it off with two coats of Twinkle - a perfect blend of nude, delicate glitters with soft pink and gold tones, infused with a sprinkle of low key silver. It's just the prettiest polish!! I was only supposed to have it as an accent on my ring fingers, but after seeing it applied on my nail, I immediately asked the nail technician to put it on all my fingers instead! So nice, right?? 

My next stop was Ooh La Lash, also located at Robinson's Galleria. I love how I don't have to go to different places to get ready for the holidays as they have it all here. But if you live near BGC, I would suggest going to Uptown Mall instead as they also have branches for Vivere Salon, Hey Sugar, Happy Brows, and Nailaholics there.

Ooh La Lash is known for their lash extensions, which is a semi-permanent procedure that promises lush lashes without having to deal with the daily application and upkeep. If you're a fan of low-maintenance makeup routines like I am, then lash extensions are definitely the way to go. You can wake up, take a #wokeuplikethis selfie, leave for the gym, and go straight to a night out after, without so much as lining your eyes or swiping mascara. Not only does this cut down your makeup routine significantly, but you also don't have to worry about runny makeup anymore.

But since I already tried this before, I decided to go for their lash perm this time instead. It's really affordable at Php 350 and the manager told me that it can last for 1-2 months, which isn't bad for what you're paying for. Also, you don't have to worry about any extensions falling off, since they're basically just curling your natural lashes, making you look a bit more put together than you usually are. I mean, I can just put on blush and lip tint and look great thanks to this. My mom and sister actually got jealous when they saw my lashes the other day and decided they wanted to get theirs done as well. Hihi. Here's how my lashes normally look:
The procedure takes about 45 minutes, but since you're lying down, the time goes by really quick. I was relaxed and even fell asleep at some point. 
I'd like to commend their eyelash technicians because they really know what they're doing. Our eyes are one of the most sensitive and delicate areas of our faces, and must therefore be handled with care and utmost professionalism. The materials they use here are 100% safe and gentle, and if you're getting extensions, secure and durable. Here's how my lashes look after the perm:
Don't mind my messy brows, I was supposed to have them done at Hey Sugar, but I was told it might ruin the perm (since the perming solution hasn't set in yet). So if you're planning to have your brows done, make sure to do that first before your lashes. :) 

Last stop is Vivere Salon, which is situated across Nailaholics. I was tempted to have my hair colored following the holiday trends of deep cherry red, ice blonde, or spicy hotmeg balayage, but all these meant getting my hair bleached again and I just wasn't ready for it. So in the end, I just decided to spoil myself with their Scalp Clarify and Ultra Moisture Recharge treatments.

The Scalp Clarify is for dandruff control - a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment that helps purify the scalp and remove dandruff, leaving it well moisturized to prevent recurrence and strengthen strands from the roots. While the Ultra Moisture Recharge treatment is ideal for normal to dry hair and designed to give the strands a rehydrating boost to keep it bouncy and shiny. Both treatments start at Php 750.

While these are also treatments you can do at home, I much prefer having them done in the salon because (1) I don't have to worry about making a mess, (2) I have someone to do the hard work for me, and (3) the treatments come with a free massage!

P.S. They also blowdried and curled my hair, which is now making me want to get a perm. Should I? What do you think? I feel like it makes my face look smaller and I'm really tired of having straight hair. Hmm maybe next year..

I left the mall just in time to have dinner with Tim and he loved my new look too! (Ang arte ko daw haha)

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