Wednesday, September 12, 2018

San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf

First timers in San Francisco explore famous tourist spots and more!

Last November, my friend Michelle and I went to San Francisco, California, for the very first time! Lucky for us, Eva Airways had a seat sale months before, so we were able to purchase our roundtrip tickets at a good price! We stayed there for two weeks - will be sharing photos from our first few days in this post! :)

We arrived at San Francisco International Airport some time around 6:30 am, waited for our baggage, bought a sim card, and booked an Uber to our friend's house.

Took a nap and woke up really hungry, so we thought we'd walk around to look for food. Our first stop - Royal Donuts! Love how it's only a three-minute walk from the apartment!

The guy who works there is Alan and he's Filipino. We got to chatting and he was really surprised that it was our first day there! He even gave us two boxes of his favorite doughnuts (and hot choco) for free! Thank you, Alan!! What a great way to kick off our trip! :D 

When Mitch's friend, Trix, got out of work, she brought us to the beach!

It's so clean, guys!! There were people playing catch and flying kites, too! (We still have the best beaches though)

Our next stop - the Golden Gate Bridge!!

Took photos with this iconic bridge in the background! Can you believe it has already been 81 years since it was erected? Happy birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!

I would've loved to have gotten a photo of it from a higher point, but Waze wouldn't direct us to the right location haha! 

Just a bird. Hehe. I like taking photos of random things, okay? 

Here's the Golden Gate Bridge from a different angle!

I couldn't stop staring out the window - everything just seems so fascinating!

Since I was sitting at the back, I actually had to squeeze in the middle of Trix and Michelle to get this photo haha

Our next destination - The Palace of Fine Arts! 

Look, Ma! I'm in America! :))

More randomness.

Next on our list? Lombard Street! Can't believe we're getting so much done in just one day!

But before that, I found these really nice flowers near where we parked. Nice house too, don't you think?

I seriously LOOOOVE flowers! I just don't like getting them since they die just after a few days :( 

View from the other side of Lombard Street

This is probably the side you're looking for though. We drove through it! I tried taking a video from both sides of the car (kept moving left to right and vice versa) haha I felt like such a kid.

Lombard Street: CHECK! 

Random building

Finally at Fisherman's Wharf!

Mitch and I were so excited to try out the lobster roll (cost us $21.95 or over 1000 PHP). We were supposed to just share one, but seagulls attacked me so we had to buy another. LOL. It was scary and funny at the same time, I felt like everything was happening in slow motion haha! Grabe kakahiya. Anyway, onto our next stop!


There were a ton of things I wanted to buy from here, but I had to control myself since it was only our second day in SFO (I left with a necklace for my sister and a cute clock for myself) :P

Pretty packaging too!

Alcatraz Island from afar


Paid a visit to the Chocolate Store

This is probably someone's version of heaven.

Years ago, it would've been mine too, but trying to cut down on sweets nowadays.

Ice cream though... Well, that's a different story.

Ended the night with this view at Twin Peaks
Will share more photos next time. Hope you enjoyed the first two days of my San Francisco trip! For now, please like and follow Life in Technicolor on Facebook and Instagram!