Monday, September 17, 2018

Arya Plaza Food Tour

Tucked away in a quieter section of Bonifacio Global City along McKinley Parkway is The Plaza at Arya Residences or more popularly known as Arya Plaza! Have you been here before? Read about the restaurants to visit at Manila’s best kept al fresco dining hotspot.

Arya Plaza sits cozily several meters above the road and is surrounded by verdant greens and scenic landscapes, giving patrons a one-of-a-kind intimate dining experience far removed from BGC’s busy streets mere minutes away. An innovative masterpiece inspired by the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping arcade in Milan, Arya Plaza was meticulously designed to funnel in cool breezes even during the hottest months and is protected by an imposing canopy made of corrosion-and-extreme-temperature resistant ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene). This world-class feature is the same impressive translucent insulation material that was used in Singapore’s Clark Quay and the Beijing National Aquatic Center (Water Cub). Arya Plaza houses the first ETFE canopy of its kind in the Philippines, creating an exceptional retail and dining experience in a controlled outdoor environment.
When they first told us about this, I was amazed! I mean, it wasn’t my first time at Arya Plaza, so I’ve seen this before, but I never knew what it was for until a few weeks ago. “Having the highest ground elevation in BGC, Arya Plaza creates one of the best places to enjoy an al fresco dining experience in the city. its carefully master-planned layout harnesses the wind by way of strategically angling the two luxury residential towers of Arya Residences early in its development. This design foresight now enables a constant passive cooling effect which maximizes the natural air flow into Arya Plaza to reduce general temperature and humidity. The result is this remarkable and captivating dining haven embraced by lush greenery on all sides, which creates a truly memorable experience for residents, guests, and onlookers alike,” says Christ Narciso, Executive Vice President of ArthaLand Corporation.
As amazing as it all sounds, no one’s going to come here if it weren’t for the amazing restaurants housed in Arya Plaza. Am I right? I’m so happy we got to tour every single one of the five carefully curated dining establishments there, namely Savage, Fukudaya, Lemuria, The Red Piano, and Martin Place Social.

1. Savage

Chef Josh Boutwood’s Savage is an open fire restaurant that does away with the modern conveniences of a professional kitchen, opting to return to pre-industrial cooking methods using fire, smoke, and ash. Removing the trappings of contemporary cooking, Savage shifts emphasis to the essence of the raw ingredient. “When it comes to Savage’s menu, sourcing locally, understanding provenance, and working with zero waste are not marketing tag lines. They are our bible, our way of thinking. In the end, the ingredient is king,” says Boutwood. Each dish on the menu, including their desserts, utilizes fire at some point during its cooking and preparation process. Their signature dishes include Barramundi, Arugula, Preserved Lemon and Olive; Deviled Eggs, Smoked Oil and Ash; and Pork Belly, Cola, and Pineapple.

It may sound like an unusual bunch of ingredients, but that’s what makes Savage such a great restaurant. Every single item on the menu is well thought out - the dishes may be simple but the techniques used and textures incorporated are complex. The dishes we sampled that afternoon at Savage were magnificent, to say the least. I couldn’t remember the last time a restaurant got me oohhh-ing and ahhh-ing as many times as I did at Savage.

Devilled Eggs, Smoked Oil & Ash (P260)

Smoked Crab, Potato, Flying Fish Roe (P560)

Barramundi, Arugula, Preserved Lemon & Olive (P1200)

Pork Belly, Cola, Pineapple (P510)

Kladdkaka (P190)

2. Fukudaya

Fukudaya Japanese Dining is a modern-traditional Japanese restaurant with authentic specialties based on the freshest ingredients available for the day or flown in from Japan. They’re all about utilizing modern cooking methods and ingredients but still retaining the traditional Japanese taste. Headed by Chief Sushi Chef Koji Oki, Fukudaya has made a name for serving high-quality seafood dishes, be it raw (sashimi, sushi, or cold appetizers) or cooked (hot appetizers or main dishes). Sit by the bar to watch sushi chefs prepare your meal or at the back where you can relax in the restaurant’s eclectic ambiance.

Salmon Carpaccio with Sliced Radish Pickles (P380)

Shrimp Tempura Roll Sushi (P480)

Australian Wagyu Steak in Garlic Sauce (200g) with Assorted Grilled Vegetables (P1,550)

3. Lemuria Restaurant and Wine Bar

Highly popular restaurant in Quezon City’s Horseshoe Village opens its second branch in BGC! Unlike its predecessor, this branch features a more classic meets contemporary ambiance in keeping with its new home, yet keeping the same romantic and charming vibe, all thanks to restaurateur and wine expert Mrs. Marina Schroeder’s personal touches.

Its mystical name still arouses curiosity for patrons new and old, looking to experience their expressive French Mediterranean cuisine made from scratch using only the best and freshest ingredients (including homemade bread and ice cream!)

Duck Leg Confit with Cassoulet (P1,310)

Braised Lamb and Apricot Galette (P365)

Chilean Sea Bass with Mushroom Risotto (P1,260)

Foie Gras Trio (P1,150)

Beef Bourguignon (P1,200)

Lemuria Cheesecake (P272)
Carabao’s milk cheesecake with strawberry combote and dulce de leche

4. The Red Piano RestoLounge

The Red Piano is the only restaurant in Manila that offers live entertainment - a place where one can dine while listening to chill music sung live by a beautiful Chanteuse accompanied by a pianist on a red grand piano. The setting is intimate, inviting to the senses, with perfect acoustics and music just right to stimulate quiet conversation.

Best described as being an eclectic gastropub-cum-piano bar featuring a wide variety of comforting flavors in a casual, yet exclusive setting. It offers fares inspired by the travels of its owner, Chef Carlo Llave, and his friends who conceptualized the restaurant together. This place is the perfect spot in BGC to grab a bite, drink, celebrate, and even sing with your friends.

Their menu features classic dishes from around the globe, following traditional recipes. It is about keeping faithful to authentic recipes, authentic ingredients, authentic preparations, and cooking methods. Basically, no shortcuts. Only the freshest and authentic ingredients, wherever they can be sourced are used to provide the guest with the most satisfying gustatory experience possible.

San Fran Clam Chowder (P550 in sourdough bread bowl)

Pork Skin Cracklins’ (P180)

Osso Bucco (P1,500)

Spaghetti alle Carbonara with Guanciale (P510)

Boeuf Bourguignon (P1,100)

5. Martin Place Social

Named after a popular Sydney spot, Martin Place Social features the laid-back attitude the Land Down Under is known for with a South East Asian backbone. Here, fresh ingredients are sourced locally while meats are imported from an organic farm in Australia. Founded by Filipino-Australian Rachelle Banta-Yilmaz, this concept restaurant also doubles as a friendly events venue and a training institute under Ausphin International Institute. The institute has sent many Filipino chefs to work in iconic restaurants all around Australia and Ausphin International Institute-trained chefs also make up the formidable kitchen crew of Martin Place Social.

A lot of the dishes they served us aren’t on the menu, so leaving you with photos of the amazing feast they laid out for us instead:

As ArthaLand’s pioneer development as well as the first and only LEED- and BERDE-certified residential condo development in the Philippines, Arya Residences takes city living into a whole new level yet again with Arya Plaza. Anticipated to serve the discerning palate of residents in more than 500 upscale apartments in Arya Residences, it will also surely attract connoisseurs from around BGC and beyond.

ArthaLand’s signature is to create landmark and instantly identifiable architectural designs, while seamlessly accommodating the complex requirements of a green building. In delivering best-in-class and sustainable developments, ArthaLand is also mindful of the community who live and work in the property through better productivity, wellness, and efficiency. ArthaLand’s Arya Plaza and its sensational array of sophisticated dining establishments is a charming destination that will certainly delight patrons for years to come.
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