Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Niu by Vikings, The Podium

Niu opens at The Podium! 

Last Friday, The KTG headed over to the newest branch of Niu by Vikings at The Podium! It’s been a long while since my last visit to Niu (maybe 4 years??) so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.
GRABE. Ang daming food! When I arrived at 6pm, there were already lots of people there, though thankfully no lines just yet (mainly because this new branch can seat a total of 418). I was still able to take decent photos of the dishes, but seriously, they have a ton of offerings that even if you stay there until they close, you won’t be able to taste everything. I swear.

Whenever I eat at buffet, I always get whatever I see first. Kuha lang ng kuha. But at Niu, I would recommend you strategize. Like walk around first, scout the buffet, make a mental note of the dishes you want to get. Most of my guy friends headed to the carving station first, but I dunno, I can’t help it, I really have to have my dose of maki rolls and sashimi before anything else.
Here’s my quick list on how to make the most of your visit to Niu by Vikings:

1. Japanese

If you’re a fan of sashimi, then this one’s a must! Since there are so many other things to choose from, not a lot of people notice the raw salmon and tuna anymore. That’s where I got my money’s worth, to be honest. Last time I went to a different buffet, the staff took so long to refill the sashimi, and when they did, it was only a few pieces that most of the time, only one or two people shared the whole serving. Even Baby Eats enjoyed the tempura! 

2. Pasta
I wouldn’t normally recommend this, but GUYS, they have Foie Gras Ravioli!! For every order, you get one ravioli with a small piece of foie gras. I went back twice. Hehe. They also offer Carbonara, Truffled Cacio E Pepe, Bolognese, Vongole, Aglio Olio, and Tomato & Basil. ;)

3. Carving Station
Now if you really want to walk out of there having eaten more than you paid, go crazy on the meats!

Binusog na Lechon, Stuffed Turkey, Beef Ribs, Leg of Lamb, Angus Chuck Eye - name it and they’ve got it! I’ve never seen this much meat at a buffet before. Normally, carving stations only feature one kind of meat per day, but here, they had a LOT! Hindi ka talaga lugi. In my opinion, Niu's offerings are at par with that of hotels in the metro.

4. Seafood

For those who love seafood (and lucky enough to not be allergic), Niu has got you covered as well. There's more to choose from so make sure to go around and keep your eyes open! ;)

5. Dimsum

I was pleasantly surprised with their dimsum selection because they had all the usuals (hakaw, siomai, etc) plus a few new ones like this cute penguin bun (filled with chocolate) and chicken (with custard!)

6. Dessert

Gotta have room for dessert, right?

7. Drinks
Niu has always been known for their unlimited drinks. They don’t only offer healthy drinks (Wheat Grass, Wild Berries Tea, Fresh Papaya and Carrots), but beers, wines, cocktails, and sake too!

Aside from these, they have a ton of other dishes worth trying, so better come prepared. I’d suggest skipping breakfast/lunch so you can maximize the whole experience.

Also love Niu's interiors! Will invite my family to dine here soon!

Photo with The KTG! I always love spending time with them! :)

See you guys next time! ;)

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