Friday, September 7, 2018

Best of Boracay Pop-Ups at Hole in the Wall, Makati

Catch your favorite Boracay eateries at Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall until September 30, 2018!

With the recent Boracay closure, establishments had to shut down and a lot of people lost their jobs and their livelihood. For six months, this was their reality... so when I heard that some Boracay eateries will be having pop-ups in Manila, I just knew I wanted to head over and support any way I can. I'm really glad that the Best Of Boracay Pop-ups have extended their stay at Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall. They were only supposed to be here until August 15, but now, we have until the end of September to visit them. 
And you know what? There's really no reason not to, especially since it's only in Makati and located inside a mall pa, so parking is definitely not an issue. P.S. Huge thanks to Hole in the Wall's management for giving way and helping provide employment for many of their employees! 
The KTG got together one holiday Tuesday to feast on delicious dishes from the different pop-ups namely Spicebird, Fat Rice, Poketo, and Coco Mama.

First up: Spicebird Piri-Piri Grill
The first thing I tried at Spicebird was their Piri-Piri Chicken Skin (P110) - crispy fried chicken skin dressed with their amazing Piri-Piri sauce. It was love at first bite. Grabe, it was so good, especially drizzled with their Garlic and Lime sauce. 
At Spicebird, they have four sauces to choose from and every single one go well with any of their dishes. 
We also had their Piri-Piri Pork Belly Board (P390).
Enjoy it with their special spice rice, a honey-vinaigrette salad, vegetable chips, and homemade milky roll. 
Similarly, they also have a Piri-Piri Chicken Board, but here, you can choose to get either 1/4 (P320) or 1/2 chicken (P545). It really all depends if you plan on sharing or not. Haha :P 

Second: Poketo

Poketo specializes in one thing - yakitori. Here, you can order them per stick at Php 75 each, or just go for their Yakitori Bowl at P320.

Here, you get furikake rice, onsen egg, tempura flakes, nori, pickles, and your choice of three yakitori sticks. What we did was to mix all the different ingredients together to enjoy all the flavors and textures in one bite. 

Third: Fat Rice

Cha Ca "La Vong" (P390)

If you're craving for something light and healthy, try this classic from Hanoi, Vietnam - fish slices served with dill, noodles, fish paste, and nuts.

Cereal Salt & Pepper (P390)

For those fans of Singaporean cuisine, this pork spare ribs in five-spice and cereal-coating is a sure win. It's a bit on the sweet side, which I'm not so much a fan of, but I really enjoyed the texture and how tender the meat was in this dish.

Crab Fat Wings (P390)

From having something light and healthy, we now go to a more sinful dish - the Crab Fat Wings! Enjoy crab fat and sweet palm sugar on crispy wings. This is perfect if you're looking to have something that's oozing with umami!

Real Thai Iced Tea (P95)

But my favorite from their stall is their Thai Iced Tea. It's made from scratch and so, so flavorful! Some may find it too sweet, but for me, it's PERFECT! Love it so muchhhh!

Fourth: Coco Mama

Coconut Ice Cream with Mango (P140) - a vegan, non-dairy, lactose-free, and gluten-free dessert! Imagine having this refreshing treat once Boracay reopens!! I, for one, cannot wait!

For now, please, please try to visit the Best of Boracay pop-ups at Hole in the Wall to help support these homegrown eateries (and their staff too)! 
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