Thursday, May 10, 2018

Gold Seas Tuna Chunks

Gourmet goodness in every can!

Since I got engaged, I've become more determined to lessen rice from my diet. I've actually been trying to do so for years now but since I grew up having rice with every meal, it's been a struggle. 

But recently, I discovered Gold Seas Tuna Chunks - a local tuna brand that's packed with a lot of flavor. It comes in two sizes - 90g and 185g - good to have on its own as a snack or a full meal! 
Currently, they have six variants available on the market - tuna chunks in Springwater; Lemon and Pepper; Herb and Garlic; Indian Curry; Olive Oil; and Olive Oil with Chili.

Gold Seas Chunks in Springwater
Satisfy your palate with the natural and succulent flavor of pure Yellowfin Tuna Meat. Light and juicy, it will turn out any dish to perfection.

Gold Seas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil with Chili
Fire up your taste buds with the tasty-hot combination of pure Yellowfin Tuna Meat, Olive Oil, and Chili. This fiery and delicious base can intensify a range of meals.

Gold Seas Tuna Chunks in Lemon and Pepper
Add a twist to your dishes with the tangy-citrus mix of cracked black pepper and lemon. This flavorful tuna brings added punch to salads, pastas, and sandwiches!

Gold Seas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil
Savor the delectable texture and flavor of pure Yellowfin Tuna Meat in Olive Oil. Perfect as it is, as bread filling, and ingredient for cooking!

Gold Seas Tuna Chunks in Herb and Garlic
Enjoy gourmet goodness in every can of Gold Seas Tuna Chunks in Herb and Garlic - Seasoned with herb and zesty garlic bits, it will surely make your tuna-eating experience more delightful. Have it straight from the can or take it as a companion for your bread and cracker :)

Gold Seas Chunks in Mild Indian Curry
Give in to this mouthwatering tuna mixed wih an authentic taste of Mild Indian Curry sauce. A great topping for rice and filling for sandwiches ;)

Found myself a new breakfast staple in Gold Seas Tuna Chunks!
Find them today at your nearest supermarket! My favorites? The Indian Curry and Lemon and Pepper flavors! :) 
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