Friday, April 6, 2018

#SereniteaMoments: The Proposal + Wedding Planning

Sharing something personal for a change!

Today, I'm sharing some personal news; I don't do this quite often, so please hear me out (it's nothing bad, I promise!) Last month, Tim, my boyfriend of over two years, and I went on a trip to Subic to de-stress - and apparently, to get engaged haha. We stayed at Best Western Plus Hotel and pretty much spent two days eating and exploring the area. I knew he'd been planning to propose for a while now, but I was so focused on de-stressing that he caught me completely off guard that weekend. I won't go into detail, but of course, I said YES!
Fast forward weeks later, we've already attended our first bridal fair. We've seen lots of possible options for venues, cakes, florists, videographers, photographers, gown designers, make up artists, and so much more. We've talked about setting up a dinner for our families to finally meet (pamamanhikan). We have also started picking out our bridal entourage. It's getting pretty stressful... and we don't even have a date yet!! How does one plan a wedding without a date, you ask? WELL, YOU CAN'T!
So during the Holy Week, Tim and I decided to go on a road trip to get our minds off all the wedding planning for a bit. He really enjoys driving and I go with him any chance I get as it's also a great way for us to bond. My only request? To stop over at Serenitea to grab some milk tea! He did me one better by getting me some Squid Balls and Squid Rings as well!

I've always appreciated how he makes time for me (and what I want to do/eat) and adjusts his plans when possible. I'm pretty lucky, I know. 
So, I guess more than just sharing my Serenitea moment with you guys, this is also an appreciation post for my fiancé! Thank you! I love you! Hihihi
Will keep you guys updated on all the wedding stuff! If you have any tips (or any suggestions for wedding suppliers) for me, please help a girl out and comment them below! xx