Saturday, April 7, 2018

BAKE Cheese Tart, Podium Mall

Celebrate Spring with BAKE Cheese Tarts!

As we all know, cherry blossoms bloom around this time in Japan, so over the course of the Holy Week, my Facebook feed was pretty full with pictures of people enjoying its perfect spring weather. But of course, aside from the beautiful (but short-lived) sakura, people also go to Japan for its delectable cuisine.
And as much as I enjoy their fresh sushi, rich bowls of ramen, and melt-in-your-mouth wagyu, there's one dessert I always look for. BAKE! 
For those who don't know, BAKE Cheese Tart is actually already available in Manila! They currently have two stores, one in Podium (their flagship store) which just opened last December and another at Powerplant Mall Rockwell which opened a month later. They also have a pop-up store at the Mall of Asia if you live closer to that area ;)

BAKE Cheese Tarts was founded by Shintaro Naganuma whose family owns Kinotoya, a 30-year old Japanese bakery in Hokkaido. Would you believe the brand has a mind-blowing record of globally churning out 35 million cheese tarts per year!? It's really no surprise why young entrepreneurs Larry Tan and Tyrone Ching brought BAKE Cheese Tarts to Manila!
This local Hokkaido favorite known as The Best Cheese Tart Ever features an exquisite blend of four types of cheese - three from Hokkaido and one from France. It is then cupped in a double baked crust and baked until it turns a delicate golden brown.

"From a rich portfolio of Western pastries and sweets, our founder applied a special single-minded approach to mono-producing the cheese tarts for BAKE. The result is a full-bodied but subtle cream cheese filling cupped in a double-baked crust," Tan shared.
When I was first introduced to BAKE, I thought you had to eat them immediately, but as it turns out, they're also really good when chilled or frozen. I actually have a box of six in the freezer waiting to be eaten right now! :D 
Grab a cheese tart today for Php 95 each or Php 540 for a box of six! I know it sounds pricey, but it's actually more affordable here in the Philippines compared to Hong Kong or Japan. A piece costs about Php 132 in Hong Kong and Php 104 in Japan (based on today's conversion), so if you're willing to buy them there, why not purchase them here too ;)
"We've come to observe that Filipinos are adventurous and hungry for global flavors. We believe that Filipinos will like our BAKE Cheese Tart and we want to share this gift with the Filipinos and the rest of the world. BAKE Cheese Tart uses the best ingredients from Hokkaido and baked freshly in store. Therefore, whether you are having the cheese tart in Japan, Singapore, Korea, or Manila, you can enjoy the same delicious and joyful experience because of its consistency," Ching adds.

So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest BAKE Cheese Tart store today!
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