Wednesday, November 1, 2017

What to Wear in SFO + Date Night

Guess who'll be heading to San Francisco in two weeks? ME!!! And because it's going to be my first time there, I asked relatives and friends for some tips on what to wear. 

I was told that around this time of the year, SFO can be really cold, especially for someone who isn't used to being in cooler places. So I thought I'd give Yoins a visit to check out some of the latest trendy ladies sweaters online.
The first three is your simple everyday sweaters made fashionable! I love that even though they are oversized, they still exude a sexy, classy feel (especially the one in the middle!) Most of my current sweaters either look fit or really baggy on me, so the fact that Yoins carry these in different sizes is perfect!
 These three have different necklines to them. The first one is actually reversible, you can wear either the lace-up or round neckline in front! The one in the middle has a beautiful deep green color and a chimney collar to match (it kind of looks like a cape, doesn't it?) The last one gives your casual tee an upgrade with its thin shoulder straps and long sleeves. Goes well with either jeans or shorts! 

Aside from their sweaters, I also thought of taking a look at some of the trendy sexy tops for women on their site and here's what I found:
Since Tim and I will be celebrating our anniversary next month, I'm trying to decide among these three. Care to help? Nothing too sexy, since I'm just a simple dresser. But definitely in trend, right? I especially love that floral printed off shoulder blouse though! 
P.S. Check out Yoins' Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale for great deals this coming holiday!