Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Gift of Health: Just Coco

A healthy drink that goes with any meal!

Just Coco
Just Coco started off from a selfish need one summer afternoon from a simple buko juice craving. It made the owners realize that while coconuts are abundant in the Philippines, it's not something you'll see as often in Filipino homes, compared to, let's say, apples, bananas, or oranges.
Just Coco
The reason for this is that it's not that easy to handle. You have to break through its hard shell before you can get to the juice and the meat. And that takes a lot of work.
Just Coco
Just Coco takes out all the difficult parts from the equation and makes it much more convenient for us to avail and enjoy coconut, specifically, coconut water.
Just Coco
They take care of the dirty work - from choosing the best fruits from the harvest, to extracting and bottlimg the juice, then delivering them to homes and offices.
Just Coco
Just Coco promises that you get nothing but the best. They do not add anything to the drink - no sugar, no preservatives, it's all mother nature's formula. Plus, to preserve all its nutrients and goodness, they deliver it chilled for the most refreshingly delicious experience. You can drink it immediately!
Just Coco
Benefits of coconut water:
- Taking a sip before your workout can boost performance, especially when working out first thing in the morning
- The perfect thirst quencher after workout as it has a low carbohydrate content as well as electrolytes
- Better way to hydrate. Coconut water is naturally packed with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins so you are getting more from every glass versus artificial juices and soda
- Naturally moisturizes skin from within
- Known to dissolve kidney stones, it also aids in urinary health, digestion, and constipation
Just Coco
As they say in Just Coco, nothing beats drinking coconut water from the shell, but when the juice is not available or the fruit is hard to handle, Just Coco is definitely the next best thing!
Just Coco
For orders, you can contact their delivery hotline at (0926) 725-2000. Also check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for any updates and promos! Happy drinking!
Just Coco
Queso de Bola Taisan from Purple Spatula
Curry Longganisa from Suy Foods
Coconut Water from Just Coco
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