Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Chatime Summer: Sunset Obsession

The Sunset Obsession collection is a new line of all-natural teas by Chatime that's made with butterfly pea flower!

Say hello to the Sunset Obsesson teas by Chatime!
They are made with butterfly pea flower, which is 100% natural, full of antioxidants with health benefits for memory, circulation, and eyesight! The drinks have no artificial colors, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors, so they're definitely good for your health! 

The natural properties of the butterfly pea tea when combined with the unique flavors give way to its enchanting colors and a magical transformation when mixed together! No kidding! The tea reacts with anything acidic - citrus fruit juices changes its colors from a dark blue to a light purple. 

While the drinks are served in "layers", they are meant to be shaken before taking your first sip so you can enjoy the full combination of flavors!

I already tried all three, but my favorite is the Grapefruit Sunset Tea! It's just so refreshing - perfect for summer! :)
Try them out today at your favorite Chatime store!
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