Monday, February 20, 2017

Hey, I Cooked!

Join me as I practice my skills around the kitchen and create recipes of my own!

This is the second time I'm preparing food for the family. Last time, I created lunch consisting of pasta, pizza, and soup; this time, I made salad, white truffle mac, and some tikoy lumpia (my favorite during Chinese New Year!)
Hey, I Cooked
Kind of cheated on this one though since the pasta I prepared came from 80 Queens, the newest store to hit Eastwood Mall. They're all about charcoal nachos and beet fries mixed and matched with various dips and garnishes. Here's a look at their offerings:
80 Queens
(In photo: Black Stack with Sriracha Cheese and Mixed Nuts, Red Fries with Truffle Sorcery and Caramelized Onions, Black Stack with Matcha Salt and Crispy Bacon, Sunset Tea and Dark Skim Cup from BLK 513)

The macaroni and Truffle Sorcery (white truffle sauce) came in separate mason jars so all I really had to do was cook the pasta and reheat the sauce. The sauce is also available at 80 Queens and goes really well with their Black Stack nachos!
Hey, I Cooked
The salad was really easy to prepare, too. Just chop up some mangoes, tomatoes, cucumber, and crab meat,
mix them all together, and you're all set!
Hey, I Cooked
For the dressing, there are lots of different ones you can use. My top three?
Kewpie Sesame Soy Sauce, Kewpie Roasted Sesame Sauce, and your regular Japanese mayo.
Hey, I Cooked
Finally, onto my favorite!

Since Chinese New Year equals tikoy-giving season, I decided to create some tikoy lumpia! Using lumpia wrapper, wrap strips of cheese and tikoy, and fry like you would normally a lumpia. It is that easy! I first got to try this with my friends during a sleepover years ago, and I have been making it ever since.
Hey, I Cooked
 As you can see, everything I prepared that afternoon were really simple dishes because I only decided to cook the last minute. The only thing we had to buy were the lumpia wrappers from the wet market. Suuuper easy, diba? Good thing my mom and my sister are easy to please! Haha!
Hey, I Cooked
I still have loads of tikoy left over, so I'm definitely making these again. Tikoy is usually cooked by pan frying tikoy slices dipped in beaten egg, so that's a good option too if you want to do away with the cheese and lumpia wrappers. ;)
Hey, I Cooked
Let me know if you have ideas on what I should cook next!
I'm hoping to bake something too soon, so let's hope my oven gets fixed ASAP :)
Hey, I Cooked
White Truffle Sauce from 80 Queens
Oreo Cheesecake from Kats Happy Food
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