Monday, October 17, 2016

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

Nope. Nope. Nope.

August 15, 2016:
I remember a few years back, I dined at The Chocolate Kiss branch in Bahay ng Alumni. I remember liking the food, so when Father's Day came along, I brought my entire family to the restaurant's newest branch in UP Town Center. At 3pm, I reserved a table for dinner the same night. Hours later, we arrived full of excitement and hunger.
Chocolate Kiss
Turns out, a number of the menu items weren't not in stock, most of them being the bestsellers. This is how the night pretty much went: Me: "We'll order the [insert name of dish here]." Staff: "I'm sorry but it's out of stock" or "I'll have to check if it's available." 

I also noticed that only some of the wait staff was aware of the situation. It even came to a point where I was the one telling the waiter that they couldn't serve a certain dish. He was recommending a certain dish, so I told him what the other waiter told me - that they didn't have the necessary ingredients (like CHICKEN and PASTA). Ang labo eh. They should have disseminated the information properly. Don't wait for the customer to ask for something, only to tell them that they can't have it. It's so disappointing because it was supposed to be a special day for my dad, but we ended up settling for whatever they could cook. Their menu isn't even that comprehensive.
Chocolate Kiss
Here are some of the dishes we tried ordering, but unfortunately, weren't available: Taco Salad, Chicken Quesadilla, Spinach Cream Dip, Eggplant Parmigiana, Pesto Chicken Penne, Hungarian Sausage and Penne. Too bad I didn't make a list, because I'm sure there's more I don't remember.

Anyway, it's really unfortunate since it was a Father's Day and a Sunday. They should have anticipated that a lot of people would be coming. Or you know, they could've told me when I made the reservation hours ago that I wouldn't be able to order half of the menu. 

Another thing, the staff didn't seem to care about the customers. They had their backs turned to the diners most of the time, so they couldn't see if anyone was trying to get their attention. I understand that they're on soft opening, but really? There were probably just four occupied tables at the time, and I couldn't even get the attention of one out of five waiters.
Chocolate Kiss
Here are the dishes we settled for:

Chicken Apple Salad (P175)
Chocolate Kiss
French Fries (P120)
Chocolate Kiss
Beef Salpicao (P295)
Chocolate Kiss
Salisbury Steak (P245)
Chocolate KissChocolate KissChocolate Kiss
Gamberi (P285)
Chocolate Kiss
Fish Kiev (P290)
Chocolate Kiss
I don't even know why I bothered taking photos. Everything's overpriced. The taste is just so-so. The only dish we really liked was the Gamberi. We left angry and still hungry. We actually dropped by Family Mart for some ice cream afterwards, and you know what, the P25 ice cream there tasted better than the food here. I don't think I've ever been this disappointed in a restaurant before.
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