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Señor Pollo, Tomas Morato

Senor Pollo
I cannot believe I waited this long to try Señor Pollo!

Señor Pollo is located at the new F7 Building Scout Rallos Street cor. Tomas Morato Avenue where restaurants like Kanin Club, Uncle Moe's, and Seafood Shack are also located.
Senor Pollo
When you step inside their restaurant, the first thing you'll see is this huge menu board and a counter for take-outs; behind it is the kitchen. The actual dining area is located higher up, on a completely different floor.
Senor Pollo
Their decoration is simple. They make use of wooden chairs and tables, and painted the room with orange hues for that Mexican touch; huge mirrors hang on one wall, showing you pretty much the entire restaurant in one look. Just add some huge sombreros to the mix and you're all set!

To tell you the truth, I’m not a huge fan of chicken so I wasn’t all that excited to try this place out at first. I actually passed on invites from friends previously, but I'm so glad I gave it a shot that Saturday afternoon. I even came up with a few reasons for coming back, but would it be weird to say that the chicken isn't one of them?
Senor Pollo
We started off with the Cheese and Garlic Quesadillas (P129). The perfect appetizer to start your Latin/Mexican dining experience! I loved the salsa and sour cream that went with it, as well. Their other quesadilla offerings include: Jalapeno and Cheese, Grilled Chicken, and Soyrizo.
Senor Pollo
For the main dish, we got the Senor Pollo Roast because that's their specialty. You can either order half or quarter chicken, with 2 sides or no sides (how come one side isn't an option though? haha)
Senor Pollo
We decided to get 1/4 roasted chicken with two sides each. My friend ordered the Papa Fritas (Fries) and Latin Coleslaw as his sidings, while I went with the Jalapeno Mac and Cheese and Patatas BravasThe chicken was okay; the skin was seasoned well and the meat was soft (but a bit bland, so you'll have to dip it in chimichurri sauce to get some flavor). 
Senor Pollo
I was definitely on the winning side because my sides (ha!) were the bomb! I'm glad I decided to try something new because it paid off! The Jalapeno Mac and Cheese was creamy and spicy (but not too spicy) at the same time. I'm all for anything with cheese on it, so I'm totally recommending everyone to try this! :)
Senor Pollo
When I asked about the Patatas Bravas, all the server had to say was "baby potatoes" and I was sold. I was expecting them to be cooked in olive oil with different herbs, but it was served with semi-spicy tomato sauce and mayonnaise instead, which made it even better. I have never encountered these two sidings before and I'm not sure they're available anywhere else, so I'm definitely coming back for these!Senor Pollo
As I type this, I'm looking at their menu and I'm thinking, if I were to go back there today, I’d probably stick with the same sidings, just because I really enjoyed them; I may even skip the chicken altogether since I can order the sides on their own anyway. My friend will most likely copy my order, too - I would be surprised if he didn't; he loved it so much, he ate most of it!! Haha!

 And as much as I liked the Cheese and Garlic Quesadilla, I'm looking forward to trying the other quesadillas, as well, especially the Soyrizo. 
Senor Pollo
We'll see you again soon, Señor Pollo! ;)
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