Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pinterest: Pin It Pinas!

So happy to be part of Pinterest’s newest campaign – Pin It Pinas

When the folks from Pinterest reached out and asked if I wanted to contribute to their campaign, I immediately said YES! Being a long time Pinterest user myself, there’s nothing I’d love more than to help build its community here in the Philippines. For those who haven’t heard of Pinterest, it is a visual bookmarking tool where you can discover and save creative ideas on. You can pretty much “pin” all the good stuff you find on the web onto your own Pinterest page. What’s great about it is that you can organize your pins however way you want – by theme, topic, whatever - it’s really there to help YOU discover more of your favorite things. I’ve actually come to rely on it more than Google, especially when it comes to recipes, DIY projects, and room inspirations.

After all the pinning, you won’t even notice that hours have passed since you last switched tabs or even stood up to pee. Seriously, browsing the site is that fun!

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Since I like to bake/cook during my spare time, I often go on Pinterest to search for recipes I can do with the ingredients we already have at home. Pinterest makes it easy to look for specific recipes because it uses categories, tags, and filters. Let’s say I have a spare jar of Nutella at home – I can just type “nutella” on the search bar and everything nutella-related appears on your screen in a matter of seconds! It also helps that the recipes you see on the site always come with beautiful and drool-worthy photos – you’ll definitely want to create goodies as yummy-looking (and, hopefully, tasting) as those. 

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I’ve always been a frustrated crafter – I love crafting, but it doesn’t want to love me back. LOL. I admire people who are able to create beautiful things with their hands, so I also have a board dedicated to all things craft/DIY related. It is also where I stuff all the mason jar ideas I want to eventually try out when I have my own home to decorate. Check them out here

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Speaking of decorating, my dad and I recently renovated my room, and we did a major overhaul – a big part of it thanks to Pinterest. I have collated so many ideas for my room on these boards and to be honest, I had a hard time picking just one to actually follow. From the accents to the final colors of the room, Pinterest definitely played a huge role in putting all of it together. See my Room Makeovers and Organizing Spaces boards below.

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For my own board, I decided to do something travel-related. I wanted to create one that shows how beautiful the Philippines is and to encourage everyone, especially fellow Filipinos, to explore our country more. Imagine, if you take a two-hour drive out of the city, you'll already find yourself on the beach. Drive further up north and you'll end up in Baguio where the weather is cool and strawberries are available for your picking. There is so much to see and so much to do – I mean, we have a total of 7,107 islands - you won't run out of things to discover! So yes, I want to share my adventures with the world - there may not be a lot for now, but I plan on doing more exploring soon.

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If you're interested in finding new places to eat at, I've created a Food Guide! I'm always on the search for hole-in-the-wall restaurants, so check this board from time to time! (Feel free to suggest places I could try, too.)

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With that, I do hope you create your own Pinterest account (if you haven't already) and discover new things like I have! For a limited time only, you may register through this link: