Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Food Trippin' at Little Red Dot

Little Red Dot
Are you a fan of Hainanese chicken or Singaporean laksa? If you are, then check out this new restaurant along Katipunan Avenue ;)

It's called Little Red Dot and they're basically every Singaporean foodie's dream!

They opened a little over a month ago with the goal of making authentic Singaporean food more accessible to the market. The ingredients they use come straight from Singapore - the same place their head chef was trained - so you're sure that everything that comes out of their kitchen is legit!

Guess who got to sample everything on their menu??
(Let's just say you're not going to be seeing her wear a bikini this summer. Hahahaha)
Little Red Dot
Singaporean has never been my favorite cuisine, but I've always been a fan of laksa. I'm happy to say that Little Red Dot's take on the dish falls under my top three.

Singapore Original Laksa (P270)
Creamy coconut milk noodle soup cooked with special laksa paste topped with fish cake, bean sprouts, egg, fried tofu, and vermicelli
Little Red Dot
Their Hainanese Chicken is a different story - I thought I hated it, until I got to try it here. You can order it three ways: whole chicken (P850), half chicken (P450), or single serving with rice (P200).
Little Red Dot
Their specialty steamed white chicken comes with three sauces: red chili sauce, thick black sauce, and ginger paste 
Little Red Dot
I preferred mine with the black sauce, but I know a lot of people like theirs with ginger, as well. Do be careful with the chili sauce though, it's reallllyyy hot.
Little Red Dot
Aside from the bestsellers I mentioned above, they also offer the following dishes that Singapore is well-known for.

Fish Ball Soup (P210)
Light-tasting healthy soup topped with boiled fish balls and noodles
Little Red Dot
Pork Trotter (P180)
Braised pork trotter portions cooked in sweet, tangy, and unique spices
Little Red Dot
Bak Kut Teh (P210)
Light-colored soup with meaty pork ribs simmered with specially-selected herbs and spices
Little Red Dot
Braised Beancurd (P120) and their specialty Chicken Rice (P50)
Little Red Dot
Top everything off with their refreshing Lime Juice (P70/glass; P140/pitcher)
Little Red DotLittle Red Dot
To end this post, here's some BTS for you.
(Blogging is serious work, you guys.)
Little Red Dot
The result ;)
Little Red Dot
Thank you for having us, Shandy and Freence!

Little Red Dot is located at:
226 Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge A, Quezon City
Contact details: (02) 622-8802
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